Zhan Huang: In 2011, I have given me a rugby jersey.

LeBron is now 36 years old and is fighting for his career. It is destined to become one of the greatest players in NBA. However, in his peak of his career, he once considered to change rugby.

According to the competition report, in 2011, the NBA was caught in the stop, LeBron once considered news report writing examples to go to NFL, his attitude was very serious. From now until today, he still wants to play football.

“I am always thinking about whether it is going to play football.” Lebra said.

At that time, the NFL’s Hall Dulas denim has given the invitation of LeBron, and the Seattle Eagle also expresses the same wish, and it is also attached to the jersey to LeBron while sending the invitation.

“If I go to the trial, I will be selected by the team. At the time, I was considering this matter, I didn’t mind (football). If I go for a cowboy or the Hagle trial, I think I can stay. I understand that I can play basketball, especially afghanistan news in teluguat the age. “

At that time, LeBron was less than 27 years old. The finals of that year, LeBron, just joined the Heat, lost 2-4 in the finals, and the heart is cold.

It is completely conception that if LeBron is really playing rugby, then NBA will have a signboard. Because this is still different from Jordan, because LeBron has excellent football talents, high school is playing basketball and football while playing the best lineup in the state, and is also recruited by Ohio State University.

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