Your own record you broke the ball 109 times again to refresh the battleback record

December 23 (Wen / ESPN David Newton Compile / White) On December 22nd, NFL is fully on the 16th week of regular season, Carolina Black Leopard 6-38 does not encounter a small Indianapolis horse Fall.

However, the Black Panther’s Runs Kristian-McArreran has refreshed a NFL history in the game, and it was previously held by him.

McCrere broke his record of the raceback single season of the battle last year, and he promoted 119 yards through 15 battles today. Now Maikaverre’s number has come 109 times, than NFL in 2018. The record is more than twice.

At the same time, the data of this game is also prepared for the new record of McFrey.

The first round show of Stamford University, which needs to complete 67 yards in the 17th week of the new Orleans, and can become the third single season of NFL history and 1000 codewords. Double k3 player of the ball.

The current Shuangqi Club is Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk. Although McCrere wants to be one of them, he wants to end the seven losses of Carolina.

“These flowers are very cool, but if you can’t win it, it doesn’t make sense.” Maikafre said when taking the record: “I just want to win, if gorgeous data can help the team to win The ball, that is meaningful. “

Although this is, Safe Tre Boston, is also very recognized by McCrere, he said it is what he should. “His efficiency is really scary.”

Boston said: “Many people are asking him that this season is so unfortunately, because he is so good, and our record is so bad. But Christian can say that our team is not much bright, if this season Without him, that is more unimaginable. “

Maikaverle pushed 119 yards in the game of the pony, and the squad was promoted by 54 yards. This is 50 yards of the six data in his 16th game in his career.

McCrere said that victory should be the primary goal of the Black Panther, only the record can make sense to record on the front of the team. He said that every one of the last week should be prepared, and the last shift of the top of the season.

Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen

McCrere said: “In short, we didn’t have a task this season, this is a fact. Midway let the main teach Ron Ron Rivera will be one of the failed signs.

“In the past 13 years, I have never been so disappointed like this.” Olsen said: “That feels really rotten home, we tried to move in the right direction, many people want this season. There is a difference. But we failed, we lost very miserable. I have to say that it is very uncomfortable now. “

Maikaverre did not have too much accused, he also tried his best. “I can tell you, many of us are Warriors, but unfortunately we have failed to achieve better results, I think everyone is worth a better return.”

This is the main victory of Maikaverle, not the reason for the addition of Double Code Club. “Playing in NFL is a lucky, each of us has talent, but the waste of talents is very shameful.”