Yangji Teire An Duhar will soon accept shoulder surgery this season to reimbursement

After careful, the MLB New York’s Triassa Miguel andUjar finally decided to treat his injured right shoulders. Surgery will be fed by the Christopher Ahmad on Monday, and the location is conducted in New York.

An Duhar was injured in the third game of this season Yangji team. He torn his right shoulder lips when he flipped to the stroner package, but after rehabilitation, he returned to the team’s first-ranking stroke. Although the Squad team believes that this injury will only affect the offshore of Anduhar, there is no big impact on his hits, but since And Duhar returns from the list of injured soldiers on May 4, his https://www.mlbtrojerse.com hit https://www.trikotskaufenn.com performance is bleak. 34 players 3 security, and even these three areas are still a short-range, and the most proud of the past Aduhar disappeared.

The 24-year-old An Duhar this year has been played in 149 games last year. At 573 hits, 0.328 hits, 0.527 long-winning hits, and 47 second base Anwang, 27, hit, 92 points of horror output, attack index OPS + came to 127 high level, which made him won the second place in the US League of the United States, and powerfully The team has also excellent Torres, just behind the red double-knife.

However, this season is a 0.128 hit rate, 0.143 hits, 0.128 hits, 0.128 hits, 0.128 hits the 0.128 hits.

For the New York Yangji team, the injury of this season is generally spread in the entire team, and even a player in the injury soldier can form a complete lineup. However, with the ball season, https://www.fanstore2.com
some players such as Hicks, 33 games have handed over the 0.330 hit rate, 0.385 oscillation rate and 0.489 long prime rate, and the excellent performance of 15 points, can be described as unfortunate.