Wind direction is more suitable for flying Texans quarterback Watson born of adversity to grow great

January 11 News (text / ESPN Sarah Barshop compile / white) DeShawn – Watson (Deshaun Watson) high school coach Bruce – Miller (Bruce Miller) said his quarterback “Let’s get the state champion”. Clemson coach Dabo – Sweeney (Dabo Swinney) compared to Watson won six NBA championships legend – Michael Jordan. Each coach said is different, but the essence of the big bad not bad.

Watson now coach with simple words in the phrase. “He knows how to win,” Texans coach – Bill O’Brien (Bill O?ien) said. Watson led his team to 22-19 victory over the Buffalo Bills in the last week, it was his first career playoff victory. For those who from time to focus on his young Watson, this was nothing new. Before this season loss to the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, he does not remember the last team to score double-digit losing what time.

“He and others biggest difference is the ability to handle stress at a critical time, and I remember he had never been brought to its knees.” Watson’s high school offensive coach – Michael Perry (Michael Perry) said. “Did you see his magical performance against the University of Alabama, then you now see how he beat Bill’s. I mean, these children grow up under pressure. Most people will feel fear or under pressure flinch, but he was not, but he will be excited, rose to the challenge. “

When Watson in 2017 for the first time into the Texans locker room, it is this innate confidence earned him the trust of his teammates. Watson, who won the state championship in high school, college twice led the NBA Finals, winning once. He cruciate ligament tear in his rookie season and in the playoffs last year, unfortunately, stop, come back this year, this year to beat the Texans, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.

Before this year, O’Brien coached five seasons, the Texans only won a playoff game, and in 2016 defeated the third-quarterback the Raiders. After defeating Bill, Texas and Kansas City Chiefs will usher in the American League Division Series on Sunday afternoon, Watson now can be described limelight wins. . “I have a strong sense of competition, to win at all costs, and if I fail, then I will stand up and move on,” Watson said: “I have always maintained this attitude, always wanted to win. I think this should be is something in my blood flowing it is my genes. “

Perry Watson still remember the first time high-spirited. That was in 2011, when Watson sophomore, he led Gainesville High School to enter the semi-finals, Georgia, ending the winning streak of 41 top-seeded Sandy Creek High School. “We all do not optimistic,” Perry said, that game, Watson showed he is now the NFL’s never say die for entering a temperament: “I remember one time, high kick-off our center opened he jumped up to catch the ball. At this time, a red setter lunged at him directly, and he himself took the ball, get rid of the ball quickly to spread out, to help us get a few yards. “

“When I saw here, I thought, this child will one day be able to enter NFL.” Watson’s attitude was soon infected with the Texans locker room for everyone, just as he was in high school the story unfolds Same. “In 2012 we won the state championship team with a common identity,” Miller said: “Watson helped us gather together fighting, the players seem to have changed overnight strong, and led them to win the state championship.”

Clemson starter served more than two seasons, Watson’s record is 32 wins, 3 losses, and led the team in 35 years to win the first national championship in 2016. Clemson last one in the countdown stage, Watson launched a campaign to get the winning touchdown lore Alabama. Sweeney said at the time, if Watson NFL teams do not choose, they will definitely regret:. “If you missed Watson, it is to miss the next – Michael Jordan”

Watson final draft position to slide 12 pick. Three years later, it turns out not to vote for him in front of the team will really regret it.

Not long after, O’Brien will understand why Watson’s former coach who is so high on his evaluation. O’Brien and his men first met Watson scouts in body measurements rookie camp in February 2017, then in April they brought him to Houston. “He’s a winner, care about winning or losing, will do anything to win.” O’Brien said:. “I knew he was someone special, I knew from his training, and we have a comprehensive examination of him in his rookie mini training camp to do some incredible things, which further strengthened our confidence to vote for him. “

Watson confident Texans to help shape the culture of the team, that he “never say die” attitude infect everyone. “No one in his side, he will be infected.” O’Brien said:. “He never fear, the game as a fun, take seriously every game you can see the smile on his face, he is really love to play, and his teammates enjoyed together “in front of Texans to participate in the playoffs for the first time of the day, Watson to other teammates, sending a message:”.. let us today to become stronger “race day, Watson has left his teammates in the locker a pair of Beats headphones and a card saying the same thing.

“You are leaders,” Watson said: “You are the leader of the team, everyone is staring at you, so you have no matter how uncomfortable, had to insist they want to see you cheer up, face adversity, until. success. you need to have the kind of quality to break through the darkness and tried to win the game. If you do, we will follow you, everyone will give you the greatest respect. “