Who is MLB and NBA while fighting US fans?Dodge Lakers "Fight" remote control

Dodge and Lakers Los Angeles

Dodge and Lakers Los Angeles

Special reporter Xue Lei is from Boston

The MLB American War World Competition is in full swing, and the red socks and Daoqi are playing a hundred years. In the case of Dodge, they will definitely do not want to bring the total score of 0-2 to the home, with this, NBA regularThe Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Lakers, at the same time, the Zijin Legion has not tasted the regular season. These two games are caught in the game.

In fact, in October, in October, for “lucky” fans, intensive events will make them experience a happiness.The reason why they said that they were lucky because they have experienced 162 games (this year, there are 4 teams and even 163) regular season, only ten teams can enter only ten teams.By the playoffs for October.At the same time, the North American Professional Football League NFL, NCAA University Rugby League has entered the medium term of the schedule, and the competition for the playoff will enter the white heat phase.

At this time, NBA and NHL also gave a war, and the game would be more could not see, especially for Houston and Boston, Los Angeles and Milwaukee who ranked among the United States and the national contest this year. The NBA team of these four cities It is a play game team with super superstars to sit in the town, the strength. So, in this month, how to switch and choose between all support teams, it is the root of happiness.

Space team celebrates victory

Space team celebrates victory

I have encountered an ice fire within one day, and the Boston Dongfeng overwhelves.

MLB Meeting Championships, Boston Red Sox once again encountered Houston space people, last season of the United Jewelry partition series, in this round of 5 battle 3 winning series, the two sides fight to the fourth game, and finally The reddock team was at home Fenwei Park Stadium, 4-5 points of pain, and was eliminated by the opponent. The racing season red socks and horses, Colorants, who replaced the coach, Far Riel, and also hang in the free market, this big fish in JD Martine, and set the 108th wins in the history of the team, come and vow. One arrow of the season.

There is no book, when both parties in the first two consensus 1-1 in Boston War. Within 24 hours, in the Boston North Shore Garden Rockhouse, the Houston Rockets at the Houston Juicy Source Stadium and a park, the Boston fans and Houston fans have experienced ice and fire.

Boston Red Socks Fans

Boston Red Socks Fans

The Rockets and the Celtics as a strong competitor of the NBA Finals, in the last season of the East Western final, after the game, the leading score 3-2, took the lead in the match. However, the two teams eventually ended the season’s journey with a tragic two-game defeat, and wishes to gave the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Knights of the Third Agreement Finals. This time, this is a narrow brother of the brothers in the baseball field, and it is also a unveiled battle of NBA, quite a little fate.

After the NBA First Giant Starborough – James Airborne Los Angeles, the league’s pattern has once again changed the change of the sky. LeBron’s leaving, let the return of the wounded from Hayward’s Boston Celtics, got the contest of the Gods. After the king, after the melon Antoni was signed, it once again launched a powerful impact to the Western Warriors of the Golden State. Sailing, the new season, full of unlimited hopes and expectations, unveiled the fans of the two teams, nature is naturally significant, but in Houston Juicy Source Stadium, Spaceman and Red Socks Naturally, the fans have also hosted the hearts of the fans.


James “Care”

On October 17, Beijing time, the MLB Meeting Champion Series and the NBA Celtics unveiled the scenes while starting. In the Houston Mei Jujiu Source Stadium, the bureau is over half. You come to me to form a worse glue, and the ninth rod “JBJ”, the Ninth Bradley is full. The score is opened. This Siwiller makes the sake of the sake of the sake of the sake of the silence, but let the Boston North Shore Garden Stadium fall into a jubilant.

At this time, the big screen of the scene played the JBJ full of guns. I looked at the North Shore Garden. The green army fans shouted JBJ’s name. The video was crazy on social media, and finally Celtics. 105-87 The big ratio is 506 people in Philadelphia, and it is easy to get the new season to open the door. Plus the reddock team from Houston 8-2 Daye Shengshi, Boston fans in this night.

The Celtics home big screen pays attention to the simultaneous red hose competition

The Celtics home big screen pays attention to the simultaneous red hose competition

After a day, the Melan Championship and NBA unveiled the embarrassment of the crash and changed to the side of the space man and the rocket fan. On October 18th, Beijing time, the Houston Rockets ushered in the home unveiled, the opponent lost the new Orleans, which was greatly damaged. And the side of the space man, if the ball will be lost, will be taken to the match to get rid of the maturity.

On the side of the Rockets, one side is the key battle for the continuation of the Space People’s Advancement World Contest, and the entanglement of Houston fans is not difficult to understand. Fortunately, on the coupling of two games, just a park, walking can be easily reached. A little girl with a rocket season was accompanied by his father. He went to Toyota center to receive the rocket to unveiled the shocking doll, then gave up the rocket to unveil the scene, directly went to the beautiful juice court for the Space team Refueling. After all, the meaning of the unveiled scene is much greater than the importance of the results of the game, so it is believed that many fans who have two teams will also be the same as the little girl, and complete the strings between the two stadiums on the two stadiums.

Several happy family, but unfortunate today’s Tangcheng fans did not yesterday Celtics and the red socks together, the Shuangxi Linmen’s Boston fans were fortunately lucky. The space team was defeated by the Red Sox, two major The losers stand in the edge of the eliminated. In Toyota Center, the Rocket fans also looked at their beloved teams to pick up the horse with the same district, burst into the ball, swallow the boring fruit.

Rocket home reporter is a space of space

Rocket home reporter is a space of space

Today, the Task Force’s journey has been announced this season, the Houston fans can support the rockets from being lifted by the rocket. At the end of the day’s report task, return to the hotel from the American Juice Stadium. Although the driver has been regrettably eliminated by the space people, he immediately became a lot of time. He told me that he was a hardcore fans of the Rockets, which is very expensive to the new season. The first game is just enough, “Harden is the best player in the alliance. He is not in Brang and Durant, he is seriously underestimated. Look, we will be able to enter the finals this year. “

Los Angeles fans don’t open the door Black Hurabang’s world contest

On the third day after Boston 4-1 eliminated the spaceman, Beijing time on October 21st, in the United States, the north of the United States, Fengcheng Chicago also has to take the north and a half hours drive, Wisconsin, Michigan The seventh life and death battle of Milwaukee, winemaker and Dodge is in full swing. At the same time, far in the Los Angeles, Springs Center, the center of the Southwest China, the fans, this is a game with the elasticity of the Los Angeles Basketball and the Lakers. This day LeBron will unveil at the home of the Lakers. The war was officially unveiled, and the prelude of the era of Lakers Branda Emperor.

The Lakers

The Lakers “New Star” Ingeram has kick for Los Angeles Daoqi

Before the start of this epoch-making competition, in the media center, all media reporters focused on the Milwaukee, they watched the live broadcast of the seventh life and death war around the TV set. According to the random neighborhood in the Los Angeles reporter, the lake fans in the new chapter in Springs waited for witness the history of the Lakers, only in Schips, the heart is also in Milwaukee, the media pays attention to the Dodge, the fans Dodge, the city of Angels is a city that belongs to the Lakers. However, this evening in the door of the World Competition, the atmosphere of Spleps is somewhat surprising, as if a man who is a play of the male drama.

This is not the influence of LeBron by the influence of the World Competition. Two years ago, Pran James was in the Cleveland Saxi Center, and also combated with Kerry, Owen, and fighting with powerful Warriors in the NBA Finals. At that time, James was still Cleveland’s God, and the exterior of the exterior of the exterior of the speed loan center altogether was also inhibited his super large poster. However, before the NBA Finals of the United States and even the world, only https://www.mlbtrikot4.com the progressive insurance stadium separated from the US-Range Center Gloves, and a large number of fans still attracted a large number of fans. At the time of watching.

James head Daoqi baseball cap accepts interview

James head Daoqi baseball cap accepts interview

At that time, Tencent held a ball ticket with the Cavaliers Finals, but was attracted by the prevailing of the people’s progressive baseball field, so decisively gave up the first game of the finals, and purchased the ticket to enter this season. A exploration of the stadium just over the world contest.

According to the reporter’s live observation, although the unreasonable NBA Finals, the Saxi Center Games, which is separated by the Saxi Center, and this irrelevant MLB regular match is easy to exceed 80%. In fact, compared with the Warriors at the Bay Area, the NBA Finals of the Cleveland, the NBA final https://www.mlbdrakterno.com fare of the Cleveland, even if you buy tickets, you can purchase one within two hundred dollars. Three-layer gardened ball ticket, even far below the fare of the North American Professional Ice Hockey League Stanley Cup: The final ticket price of the Pittsburgh Penguine team at the meeting is around three hundred dollars, and the first promotion Stanley The quarter of the Cup of Nashville, the cheapest, the cheapest needs to pay 1,000 yuan of arrogant silver.

In the progressive insurance baseball court, most of the fans dressed in the Cleveland’s white jersey, the scene did not broadcast the battle of next door finals, Indians fans concentrated on a MLB regular season, before the Indian team encountered One wave of losing, if you don’t wake up from the dream tour, the seasons in this season will not be optimistic. Suddenly, https://www.b2bshopp.com the Stadium was righteous, the Indian team scored, fans cheered for the homes of Headmann Kanheian in the Toronto Blue Birds, as if there is no important game in this city. This stadium is like a bird boating, and she has made another world alone.

Dodge King Card Xiao

Dodge King Card Xiao


On the Sunday before three days, LeBron’s first show was the mutual arrest of Rondo and Paul, and the grass is closed, and the Lakers stayed in the weak leader before chaotic, accompanied by Lundo and Corrm Penalty is made for bubbles. The final rocket reversed the victory of this game, but for the Los Angeles fans, they will not be too kind for the Lakers who have not been able to win the new season, after all, they can also celebrate the Daoqi team for two consecutive years. In the World Contest, the Los Angeles City hero of the Los https://www.trikotskaufenn.com Angeles City hero will be taken on the head of the Cuban Piglig, who has killed the game with three points.

Foreign media PS has a picture of Rarribed and Boston Johnson to compete for MLB

Foreign media PS has a picture of Rarribed and Boston Johnson to compete for MLB “World Contest” trophy.

Tomorrow, the Tangqi Team and the Red Sox of the Century War will be played one day. The two sides of the mobile day will fight again, come to the Los Angeles Daoqi player three consecutive war. On this day, the Lakers will also sit in the main court to fight the warriors, who have just defeated the defending championship at home, and currently have three consecutive victories and become the Nuggets of the Western Lead Boss. The elites of the Baseball World will gather together the city of Angel, the Marsh Award winner “Mars Brother” Bruno Marsh is also the way to the Lakers in Springs. From the lack of the https://www.maillotspascherfr.com cultural and sports superstar, there will be from the big big superstars this time?

The Lakers hosted the leadership boss, the three-story station at the main scene of the Dodge World Competition, the wholeest of sports in this weekend, all the focused focus of the angels, if you see the Dodge for the MLB World Competition championship in the Lakers game or Red stocking players, please don’t have to be too surprised, but if you meet LeBron James in the box of the Dodge Course, it is more chapter, you have to know two years ago, LeBron once appeared in the Indian and the bear. Two back curse, the seventh game of the world contest champion is extremely desirable. Come to the Dodge Course, shouting for Los Angeles, perhaps he quickly won the fastest way to win Luocheng ball.