Well-known scholars: E-sports will replace football, football circles are frogs in the bottom of the well, fans are all leeks

“Rise. Risk. REPEAT.”, “Rising. Fearless.”

The Monaco Football Club is located in the exhibition area of ??the 4th China International Import Expo, which is extensive. From Monaco to China, China has come to the National Convention and Exhibition Center by Louis II Stadium.5.2c06-05 Booth, when the text history of the Monaco Football Club is in detail on the three-sided Soccer Jersey Discount exhibitions from 1924 to 2021, they will work with China and will usher in a new chapter of the attention.

On November 8, the Monaco Football Club held a signing ceremony with the Sports Media Group in the Expo Site and announced that both parties set a strategic partnership. This is a Monaco Football Club in the first step of establishing a Chinese branch as an overseas strategy. For the first time with the domestic media group, the two parties will play their own advantages, and the Chinese sports markets that are far moving.

On the signing ceremony, Monaco footballGu Wei, general manager of the club, said:“This time, strategic cooperation with sports media is Monaco football.An important way to enter China in the club. Sports Media As China’s large sports media industry group, has many resources and experiences. We look forward to using both advantageous resources to cooperate in various fields.

Enron also said:“As early as 2020, the Monaco Football Club China Branch was established, the body media launched a deep communication with the Monaco Football Club. The Monaco Football Club has a long history and a unique brand culture in Europe, they are in football. The achievements of the field are more eye-catching for international football. Under the help of sports media, Monaco Football Club will bring Chinese football more advanced football concept and young training experience; and hope that both parties can make Chinese football moreThe introduction to the world, but also makes more Chinese companies in Europe’s brand influence.

As everyone knows, the Monaco Football Club, who has just ushered in the new generation of training centers this summer, has been known for its young training in Europe, and they shine with the young people’s signboards and maintained the competitiveness of the League League. 21-22 season Monaco Football Club is the average age of five major leagues in EuropeTeam. For many years, the young talents cultivated by the Monaco football club have emerged.– including Keyan Mbpe, Tiery Henry, David TrezekLilianThe world champion players such as Turam are from Monaco high-quality junior training system.

As one of the first batch of training centers in the League League, the Monaco Football Club not only develops players in their own young training system, but also be good at discovering and cultivating young players in the French and European League. Show your own opportunity on the green field. In the French Football Association for each season, the Monaco Football Club has never fallen out of the top five positions and long-lasting positions.

In addition, from this yearBeginning in May, the Monaco Football Club also announced a new brand concept: “rise. Risk., “Rise. Fearless.” While continuing to maintain the quality of the quality, the Monaco Football Club also hopes to create a high-end brand image of a young and internationalized, and the cooperation between the Sports Media Group is an important measure.

After nearly more than 30 years, it is foundedIn 1988, the sports report has been developed from the initial newspapers, and developed a large sports media industry group integrating newspapers, magazines, Internet, mobile clients, sports industries, etc. – Sports Media Group. At present, the Sports Media Group occupies more than 80% of the market share of China’s sports planned media, is currently famous in China’s well-known sports content providers, and is also a leading sports media group in China.

Obviously, the Sports Media Group, which is “Sports Weekly”, “Football Week” and the huge new media matrix will be committed to helping the Monaco Football Club deep into the Chinese market, so that more domestic brands, institutions and fans are familiar with this youthful Club. Both sides will launch deep cooperation in multiple levels to jointly conduct business development, explore the direction of diversified cooperation.

Sports Media Group will help the brand propaganda Cristiano Ronaldo Jerseyand promotion of Monaco Football Club, hoping to promote the extensive spread of its own training concepts and models, bringing more possibilities for Chinese football in the exploration. In the context of China and Monaco for nearly 30 years of friendly exchanges, the Monaco Football Club and Sports Media Group is worth looking forward to.

Have more than a social network17 million fans of the Monaco Football Club, as a brand with solid reputation and strong internationally visibility, is a sports business card in the Monaco Bullet.

Lionel messi Jersey BacktrackIn September 2018, the head of the head of Monaco Albert, completed the tenth visit to China. During the state visit, he also gave the President Xi Jinping a 6th jersey of the Monaco Football Club. In fact,I have come to China, and the Monaco Football Club with Chinese national character teams, is not strange to Chinese football: earlyIn 2007, Monaco U-19 was once friendly with the Chinese Olympics, which promoted the first competitive exchange; in the summer of 2018, the red and white team came to China to participate in the Liverpool Jersey French super cup, embarking on the Shenzhen Universiade Center. turf.

The Monaco Football Club came to the China International Import Expo at the China International Import Expo, and the Sports Media Group successfully signed a contract, which is called the first step in contact with Chinese football. In the vast platform of the Expo, it will push the new world for this energetic club.

Looking back for nearly 30 years, whenever, China and Monaco exchange in many fields, enough to correspond to the center of the Expo. Kits Football Kits Nowadays, the Monaco Football Club has come to the Expo as a new round of opportunities, and the exchange and cooperation of Chinese football and Monaco football clubs should also launch an expectation of narrative lines.

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