Uncovering the Silver Railmond Life: Or won the National Honor Award to enjoy MLB full pension

Suzuki, Say goodbye

Suzuki, Say goodbye

April 2 (Wen / Ziji) Japanese baseball superstar Suzuki announced on March 21 to declare retirement, how is his retired life? Some news said that Suzuki is expected to have obtained this year’s Japanese National Honors. For the retired Suzuki, a good thing, it is far more than one.

At present, Suzuki, who is retired, has brought a lady bow, flying back to the US Seattle – the Suzuki after retiring, what are you doing now? Take himself at the retirement reporter, the future “I will play a wild https://www.b2bshopp.com ball, and I have to play, I have to explore the ultimate way.”

The so-called playing a wild ball is like “playing tickets” in the Peking Opera, no income, pure hobby. With regard to the next half of the life, Suzuki has not disclosed other planning or ideas at the press conference. The problem is coming, and the latter of Suzuki is in the middle of the life.

Unlike athletes from other countries, after retiring or when coach or engaged in TV explanation, the American MLB player’s life is often leisurely. This is beneficial to the huge annual salary of MLB received during the active duty period, but it is worth mentioning, https://www.mlbtrojerse.com enriched the pension system, and the important pillar of the players’ retirement.

With the current MLB pension system, there are more than 43 days of players who have reached more than 43 days in the MLB large alliance, and they are eligible to enjoy this system. With the growth of the qualifications, the amount received also increases, and it can be received in the 10th season. The age of receiving is starting from the age of 62 and can receive a lifetime, nor does it need to buy a so-called three insurance in the active period.

However, the Japanese Market League NPB does not have a pension system. Specifically, it is once, and it is to pay “three insurance and one gold” in a player player, and pay the retired player to the retired player. In the end, this institution can’t be made due to the good operation.

Back to MLB pension. https://www.fanartikelsportde.com Speaking of its quota, taking a player playing more than 10 years in the MLB Great League as an example, the highest, a year can get $ 210,000. So far, there are only four Japanese players who have effects MLB, and there are only four people who enjoy this system: Suzuki, Matsi Xi Xi, Yumao hero and everyone.