Today’s football: Wiki Athletics VS Shrewsbury, Mi Neuyun VS Collin

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Wigan Athletics VS Shrewsbury

The Victorious Athletics season has improved, this season climbs to the front end of the league, 11 wins in the standings, 1 flat 4 losses in the standings, the 1st place in the 34-point league, in the upgrade area, leading the second Plymouth 1 point. The team offensive is excellent, and the field has reached 1.88 ball. It is the second team of the league goal. 10 people have goals in the array. There are many output points, and the defense end is also more stable. It is lost in the league.Cheap Soccer Jersey The second few teams in the ball. However, the performance of the team in the British Championships cannot be satisfactory, and it is currently not a winning group ranking.

Shusberie is still not good. The team league has only won in the team. At present, there are 4 wins and 3 flat and 9 losses in the UK, and the 10 points are ranked 21st, and the net winch The disadvantage allows the team to be in the downgrade. There is no high-efficiency shooter in the array, the offensive end is weak, and there is less than 1 ball, and the defense end is flat. The league is also almost a dead. In addition, the team is flattened in this group, and it is also a second location of the third positioner group.

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Wikang Athletic Wheel League 3: 2 Lower Welfare, the FA Cup is flattened with Solih, the team also got rid of the pre-performance of the plum blossoms, and nearly 3 games were also maintained 2 wins. 1 Flat is unbeaten. At the same time, the team is also an unbeaten grade, ending the dilemma of the previous 3 losers, and the main performance is also in the back.

Shrewsbury round the league away 1: 1 Forced Lin Ken City, then the FA Cup 5: 1 big Shengstrat, the same is the same, the previous instability, nearly 3 games 2 wins 1 flat Unbeaten. In terms of the guest preparation, although the final football holder can greatly win the opponent, but the opponent is a low-level league team, the amount of gold is not Manchester United Jersey high, the team is still very bad in the league game, so far, it is not a victory.

In the last two times in the past, the Wigan Athletics 1 wins and 1 wins were unbeaten, the psychological advantages were more obvious, and the data also gave the main team Wigan Athletics. This game British League game, the strength is more likely to be better than being optimistic.

Minao Athletics VS Corin Ti’an

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Mi Neuo’s competition performance is excellent. This season is also the least raceful team in the league. The overall performance is relatively stable, and the Barcei Lead will be 20 wins and 5 flat and 5 losses. The total number of 65 points is ranked 1st, leading second Pin Palmeras is more than 10 points, and the situation is very favorable. The team offensive is excellent, and the average is also 1.57 balls. It is one of the two teams in the league, and Hurock, who has played in Shanghai, Hulk’s performance, contributing 11 capsules for the team. Going into the chief shooter, while the cable is also very stable, which is the minimum team in the league.

Corin Titan has also improved this season. The gap between the cup team is only 2 points, and the war will not be too bad. The team offensive end is slightly weak, and the defense of the defense is still available. In the near future, there are many games to be able to zero opponents.

Mi Luo Athletic Wheel League home 1: 0 beats Mi Rome, although it is also a traditional strong attack, but it still maintains a good winning rate. It is worth mentioning that the team has excellent performance in this season, and the events maintains 7 consecutive wins, and the league has only one loss in the main court. The main battle is the first, with strong home win. ability.

Corin Ti’an’s first round of the main family 1: 0 won the Fortaarea, and the two consecutive victories are also gradually stabilized. The team also has only 2 negatives in the near future. At present, it is also a team leader. Corin Ti’an has a strong customer war with the ability of the League, the visits of the 5th guest-warfare, but the team has no one.

The two sides have made the 3 games in Mi Nera, 4 wins and 1 flat 1 negative performance, the psychological advantages are still more obvious, and the data is given to the main team Mi Nairo. This is the Barber League, the main scene of the main scene of the main family is still defeated. The opponent took three points.