Three Young NFL quarterback refused to isolate gathered in California to conduct joint training preparing for the new season

April 1 News (text / ESPN compile / white) isolation is boring, it is far less trained to readily. Just when the new crown virus outbreak rages in the United States, NFL three young quarterback arrived in California, as in previous years trying to prepare for the season. But like the rest of the United States, like these three young people some frustration, they are worried about the virus at the same time, also we want to become stronger in the coming year.

New York Jets quarterback Sam – Da Nuode (Sam Darnold), Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh – Allen (Josh Allen) and Washington Redskins quarterback Kyle – Allen (Kyle Allen), two three-year first-round pick and a second-year show is unsuccessful in California preparing for the new season. After a little training session in the afternoon, they meet to play cards together, play on the computer, but also watched a movie.

Of course, with a yawn boring afternoon. . “To be honest, really boring,” Kyle – Allen told reporters in a telephone interview: “We played Call of Duty, saw the point of the movie, so, super boring.”

Allen also said their February 1 in Orange County also conducted a joint training, preparing for the new season, including weight training and passing on the beach, they did the same thing last year. Kyle – Allen told Sports Illustrated reporter, he told Josh – Allen live together, in addition to their two girlfriends. As for Da Nuode only 15 minutes away from where they live, so normally train with three quarterbacks. It is worth mentioning that, guiding three young people is former NFL quarterback Jordan – Palmer.

Three quarterback for strength training at a large 40 square meter gym, in the course of training, they will deliberately social distancing. . “Now the little change compared with the previous training, just trying to find a place to pass a big point, then a little difficult,” Kyle – Allen said: “We are trying to adapt to all of this, just like everyone else.”

Allen escape JJ Watt sack completed passes

Allen escape JJ Watt sack completed passes

Allen Brothers two days may have to move to live with Da Nuode, because they rented the house this week expires. They had intended to April parted ways, no longer conduct joint training, because if normal, in previous years the teams training camp in April begins. Kyle – Allen told reporters that he did not want to return home to Arizona, because his mother, a colleague infected with a new virus crown, while his mother is still in a 14-day quarantine period.

Allen represents the three of them could learn something from this joint training, of course, they do not need isolation. “That’s the reason why we like to train with.” Allen said in a telephone interview: “We have to exchange game experience, we watch videos at home together, study together, talk talk talk about all kinds of things, we talked happily . “

Kyle – Allen Carolina Panthers last season, is the main quarterback, he’s learned that he was traded to the Redskins Panthers while on vacation in California. About a week later, he briefly returned to Carolina, with the Redskins signed a short contract for a period of one year. For Allen, the deal means he will follow the mentor Ron – reunion Rivera, Allen last season, starting 12 games.

Allen is now another young Redskins quarterback Dwayne – Haskins bench, perhaps in the future will be Allen Haskins introduced to California three small team, training together. Allen said that after talking to Rivera, he learned that the Redskins will compete in the job, so he wants to strive to improve themselves in the offseason. Allen provides security for the Redskins, his system of Rivera is also very familiar with. And Haskins must learn Turner’s offense in the case of a no offseason training camp, but Allen said he only took a half months to grasp the Panthers offensive tactics, so that when he was in training I feel very comfortable.

. “The continuation of the system is very important to me, for the team, too,” Allen said: “If we do not have training camp for a long time, or not at all, so that the system, the more people who know, the more readily available opportunity. I can share the experience of others. “