Three people opened the battle of Flatei to make the official battle, the red bird, the bear won the partition champion

On September 30, Beijing time, MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Union ushered in the last day of the regular season, the final game of the red scitch is in the last game. One of the proconsive scones rely on the https://www.mlbtrikot4.comcontinuous offensive, the leader, after the F Way, Kapent and Gord Schmidt knocked out a home run, the red rum, morning to lock the victory, and finally farten Flahe The 7th game has no loss to help the team 9 to 0, and the St. Louis Sapphire also takes 91 wins 71 to take the country of the China Division, after 2015, the partition Sealing king will be used to enter the playoff stage.

[Data Highlight]

The bear will send a pitcher, Holland 2, throwing 7 points, and the full counbear has only 3 safety. The red scitch first pitcher Flatei 7 bureau 6K did not gain the next season 11th wins, the second half of his self-blame is less than 1, Gord Schmidt single 3Amnity and the personal season 34 rays hit.

[Competition process]

The first sentence gave the bear play in three three, the first bureau down Folper and Edman continued to be guaranteed, Gold Schmidt’s anattors made the red scitch first lead, then Austrian Killing the double kill, but the squad is still added.

On the second game, Shang Kangrtreras knocked out, but he was touched before the second base. After the second game, the second bureau took the game, Fouler slammed a two-point gun to enlarge the ramp.

On the third game, Gord Schmidt knocked out after the play, the Balds were successful, and Azua was played in series to send the score. So after the 1, 2stro, there were people in the case of Matt-Carpenter, and the three-way shock.

The fourth lower Gord Schmidt also knocked out the Yangchun home hit, the fifth game of Shanggia knocked out to play, but unfortunately the bear friend knocked out the double kill, the fifth bureau, Due to ensure that F Wah 1, 2, but Edman did not grasp the chance of score.

The sixth game is still there or there is no way to go to the bar, and the sixth game, Molina is selected to keep the teammate and have not been connected. The seventh place Shang Hap four bad balls sent the barrier, but the overall stroke is still sluggish, and the seventh place is also a three-three.

On the eighth game, Kalandini knocked out, but unfortunately Horner’s double kill ended the team’s offensive, the eighth game, the bear, the bears sent wilder Zibris, although it passed twice but did not drop.

The ninth board of Redshis sent the terminator Carlos Martinene, and three in three three times held the victory of the team.

[First lineup]


First stick right wilder Tony Camp

The second stick Both Ben-Zabrister

Third stick, three bases, Ian Hap

Fourth stick left outer wilder Kyle Schubo

Fifth Bar Catcher Wilson – Kanditreras

Sixth stick, a barrier, Victor-Caladini

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Honner

Eighth Bar Guarder Edison – Russell

The ninth stick first firing Delik Holland

Rock row:

First stick right wilder, Daxut-Wom Second Rod 2 Elephant Edman

Third stick, Based, Paul, Gold Schmidt

The fourth stick left outer wilderman Masel – Austrian

Fifth rod catcher Yadir – Molina

Sixth sticks 3rd bases Matt – Carpenter

Seventh stick guerrillas reserve – Derong

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Harrison – Bad

Ninth Bat First Pointer Jack – Flatei

[Next prospect]

On October 2nd, Beijing time, the MLB in the 2019 season officially opened, Washington National Team will welcome the Milwaukee Wine Strong team at home, this is a team of life and death, a team will win Will Los Angeles Dodge to launch a three-winning partition series, Atlanta Warriors will launch another partitioned series with the St. Louis Flord.

The United States of America will be held on October 3, and the Auckland sports operates in the battle of Tanpawan. Minnesota Shuangcheng and New York Yangji.