Those long-term players have not played MLB playoffs: they had missed the honor has long covered

NBA fans have always ridicule Paul West must not touch the floor, but not touch the threshold of the playoffs and players compared to Paul is too lucky. Saints NFL team this season strong performance early on locking the places of the playoffs, 34-year-old Brandon – Marshall just came to the team in December from the Bears, he was in after 13 seasons, 178 regular game, finally touched the lawn of the playoffs.

If that did not get the world champion just regrettable, then the playoffs have not played very maddening, and a stand for years down the star player in MLB actually have not played the playoffs, which depressed It can be imagined.

A player may be many years of playing in the MLB, enough to prove that he is no easy feat. The great talent, but can not play because of various delays in the playoffs, the nature is regrettable. This year we have to take stock of what, the longest in MLB history five players missed the playoffs.

Virginia – Jenkins (19 seasons out of the playoffs)

Hard to imagine a Hall of Fame pitcher, his life did not actually played the playoffs. All-Star three times, twice winning pitcher Wang, once the Celeron, a strikeout king. This is Jenkins left in MLB honor, his career started in 1965 from the Phillies until the end of 1983. 19 seasons, has played for six teams, but did not board a playoff game board, I can only say that it is bad luck Jenkins bar. 267 career wins, he also set a Canadian record in MLB pitcher to win the player of. Sorry for 1976 and 1977, he did not make the playoffs the Red Sox, in particular, get 97 wins in the 1977 season, the Red Sox, but still missed the playoffs.

Ernie – Ernie Banks (19 seasons out of the playoffs)

If Jenkins can not play the playoffs is not to find a good club, Banks on the history of the legendary
Cubs outfielder is too specific a. Historically the first black player, the career contributions to the Cubs gave the Cubs from 1953 to 1971, 19 seasons, the 2528 field season, but never out of a game in the playoffs. If we measure the number of indicators from the arena, he is no playoff appearances in league history up to the players. In fact relatively dark period in the history of that period is the Cubs.

Ron – Ron Santo (15 seasons out of the playoffs)

Cubs again! Ron – Ron Santo did not like Banks that put their playoff tickets Cubs are down on him, but he put his career contributions to Chicago. From 1960 to 1973. In 14 seasons he played for the Cubs in 1974, perhaps the bad premonition, he came to the White Sox, but still missed the playoffs. The 9-time All-Star, five times the legendary Golden Gloves only with no career playoff appearances regret retired. In 1969 he and infinitely close to the playoffs, but the team lost 18 games in the final 26 games of the season, the Mets were eventually replaced the quota playoffs.

Adam – Dean (14 seasons out of the playoffs)

White Sox heavy artillery, Adam – Dean has not played playoff career. But some controversy, he is a member of Athletics in 2014, when the Athletics scored a wild card, but he did not play the race card out, so the fact that he has not been playing in the playoffs. Dean from 2001 to 2014 14 season did not participate in the playoffs, the team has removed five, but luck is not on his side. If he had two All-Star, he was also named the Reds Hall of Fame.

Felix – Hernandez (14 seasons out of the playoffs)

Mariners maintained the league’s best record time missed the playoffs, which pits a team of many players miserable, and was the worst pit is their ace starter “King” Hernandez. In 2005 he entered the MLB has 6 time All-Star, won a Cy Young, can be said to be outstanding performance year after year, contribute countless moments, but always missed the playoffs. 32 years old, he currently still is when the play, if the Mariners still no improvement, I’m afraid Hernandez ranking on the list are also in the forward improved.

Hernandez and Dean both teams played for MLB30 era, and compared to the other three seniors, they face opponents more, and more intense competition in the playoffs, in a sense, they there are more reasons to extricate himself. But since both came to the MLB playoffs who do not want to fight it? And four other senior comparison, there are a few years time Hernandez pitching in the end is switched to the enemy, or to wait for the opportunity to break the ice in the playoffs Mariners do? In addition, the Cubs really unfriendly!