There is something in the words! Lin Shuhao blunts CBA confrontation than NBA, but also questioning the professionalism of the referee

On November 29, Beijing time, with the end of the first stage, many CBA stars have their own arrangements in the window period. Recently, Lin Shuhao is invited to participate in video connectors consisting of Beijing team players, reporters. He shared his current situation and some personal feelings after playing CBA.

When talking about the change from the NBA CBA, Lin Shuhao said that he did not adjust his first year. His play, speed is different from his expectations, because the referee’s penalty scale, the other party’s defense, There is no truth, etc.

When talking about CBA
confrontation, Lin Shuhao bluntly said: “I think CBA is stronger than NBA, you may get a lot of whistle in NBA, not so simple here, so I feel very interesting, I am looking forward to the second year, because I have already gone! “

Although simply disclosed that CBA’s confrontation strength is better than NBA, it is not difficult to see that Lin Shuhao is questionable, and a player in NBA can get a lot of whistle because a player in NBA is because NBA’s referee is It is picked up, and it will be more rigorous in the blow penalty, so their whistle will be more dense. But in CBA, there are
many referees not have professional critory qualifications. It is in some organization or association to blow a punishment, so it has also caused the phenomenon of blowing a penalty, these problems have become Fans concentrate some places.

But the problem of referee is within the short term or will be very difficult to change, so Lin Shuhao also said that he would adapt to this penalty, because he has already had. The experience mentioned here is the judgment of the scales of the referee, after all, he also has a lot of games in CBA. In the next second phase, he may become smart when it should be punished.

Today, Lin Shuhao, has a clear different from the first time CBA, this different is many aspects, including his attitude and the attitude towards the game, which may be conducive to him faster in the next game. team. So, what kind of views do you have for this thing? Welcome everyone to leave your own opinion in the comment area! I am an Yi Ya, a senior basketball enthusiast, welcome to pay attention to my account, discuss basketball fun!