The worst record was born in 27 years, 29 big foreign aid fled Chinese football, Lin: 20 years old

After 2021, Chinese football is in 2021.

I have encountered real cold winter.

From the beginning of the year, Sun Ning suddenly died in Jiangsu, China.

Finally, directly declare disband

Chinese football successfully enlisted the attention of the world.

According to the currently new data display,

The number of foreign aids in the super competition in this season has been up to 29 people.

Created the professional league in 1994,

The history of history in 27 years.

Chinese football reporter Guo Huan pointed out in the latest report,

At present, the existence of Chinese football is very low.

This downturn and agenda are related to the business of the club,

There is already a large number of foreign aid and foreign coaches.

Including some foreign coaches that work in joy training,

Leave Chinese football.

It has been confirmed,

Leave foreign aid in this season,

More than 29 people have been

There are only 16 foreign aids introduced from other leagues,

The deficit reached -13 people,

This will be clearly seen.

What is the lagoon of Chinese football status,

And the superior foreign aid in this season is Football Shirts Wholesale compared to the past.

Strength and grade are also very different.

At present, the active big foreign aid in the Super League has succeeded.

Among them, the biggest brand is Oscar, which is effective in the Hong Kong team of Shanghai.

The 29-year-old Brazilian script race has entered three ball assists 9 times.

Performance is quite good.

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Compared with him,

Other foreign aids are actually a breath,

Or is a cheap foreign aid,

For example, the Changchun Yadai team’s Jiel is 34 years old.

The Guangdong team’s Gililme is also 30 years old.

Shandong Luneng’s Soccer Jersey Discount Failini 33 years old,

The Chongqing team’s Calderk is 32 years old.

Shanghai Shenhua’s Basuo is 25 years old,

Beijing Guoan’s Bacans is 30 years old.

These are players in the forefront players in the goal and assists list.

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But in addition to Oscar,

Others are basically lacking,

This has sufficiently stated that the influence of Chinese football has been greatly reduced.

At the time of the latest interview,

The former director of the Chinese team,

The World Cup championship in seventeen is overjoyed.

A conventional blood location said that Chinese football has returned to 20 years ago.

Everything is shrunk,

Including annual salary,

now what,

Never have a great Brazilian player,

Willing to come to China to play.

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