The weakest link becomes magic weapon to win the Kansas City Chiefs defense group awakening just in time

December 11 News (text / ESPN Adam Teicher compile / white) this offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs thorough review of the coaching staff and player roster staffing, hoping to revive the defense group, in the hope that at last year’s ALCS regret further defeat on the results.

Chiefs want is a way to manufacture “big play” and the fourth quarter hit a key defense defense group. When they fall into productive offensive and opponents soared points situation, or occasionally attack failed, they hope the defense can stop the group to help them win.

Offseason, Emirates spent a lot of energy, but they got what you want. Chiefs on Sunday against the defense team won the match, which they rely on the defensive recently made three straight, while the opponent is their last year from the New England Patriots knocked out of the playoffs.

Emirates currently trifecta get them ranked third in the AL seed, and second-seeded’re just one wins.

“The fourth quarter, we did not think we would lose the game.” Cornerback Ba Shade – Buriram (Bashaud Breeland) said after the 23-16 victory over the Patriots.

Buriram completed in the first half of the game against the Patriots once steals to help the team into touchdowns, and complete a pass damage critical moment in the fourth quarter.

“All along, we are confident, I know we will do the right thing in the right direction.” Basha De said: “- Tom Brady, he was GOAT-level players, we can not totally see him dead but the critical time to make a defense, we are very happy to be able to defeat him.

I hope this is a name the battle, let us be a race to see their own position. Our performance throughout the season has ups and downs, but now I think the defense can really help us overcome the difficulties. “

Chiefs of defense group can now work independently, they completed four steals in the first 11 weeks of the regular season against the Los Angeles Lightning in the game, including two key steals in the fourth quarter. Week 13 game against the Oakland Raiders, Chiefs defensive group did not release the whole game 1 touchdowns.

Then on Sunday, the Patriots take advantage of Chiefs tight end Travis – Kelsey (Travis Kelce) once off the ball in the match. This is not a classic Patriots offensive way, but this season the Patriots defense team repeatedly using the conversion of manufacturing ball points, scoring average ranked in the top ten NFL.

“Defense group is one of success this season, the most important reason.” Chiefs CEO Clark – Hunter said: “the beginning of time, I understand the defense team wants to revive the group takes something big effort .

We update the coaching staff, with new players, also have a new defensive system. When the season started to play some struggle, but in the past four or five weeks, our defense really demonstrated the power. Recent able to get three in a row, the defense group contributed. “

Chiefs defense has changed a lot last year, when many games are the last ball to win control of the team. Chiefs twice last year, losing to the Patriots, including the American League finals to lose, they are lost on the last ball of ownership.

Remember last year the Emirates last Monday night game to face the Rams lost 51 points against the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth quarter and lightning were lost 14 points and 15 points, all bloody lesson.

But in the past month, Chiefs lost three games combined 42 points. They defeated the Lightning with 24 points, with 23 points against the Patriots.

The new defensive coordinator Steve – Spa norovirus (Steve Spagnuolo) 4-3 defensive system is paying off, drop points this season in the league 14 less (21.6 points) last season ranked first 24 (26.3 points), the last three games, averaging only 14 points and lose points.

Defensive end Frank – Clark (Frank Clark) are an important signings Chiefs this season, he said the group did a poor defense early in the season, but now very understanding: “This is not the beginning of the season, with the trials and tribulations one after another and to, we are getting better and better, and often the beginning of the season we drop points, lose, fail, we can not end the game. “

Clark after defense chiefs pick up playing particularly well, in the past five games gains 5 sacks.

Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann Mathieu

The security guard Terrence – Matthew is another important signings in the offseason, he’s hit well early in the season, you can change the game has recently been the trend, against lightning and Raiders of the game have been completed copy cut.

To see such a change, head coach Andy – Reid Father enjoyed happy, he can finally play at the same time unrestrained attack, no longer distracted defense.