The Snake King Single Field Tarnate Winning Wins Wins Winning Sale Season

On the morning of March 30, Beijing, the two team winemakers in the United States of America Lianzhong District launched a match, and finally reached a single three-game three-site support for New aid Gould Schmidt.Baseball, the Red Season final defeated a winemaker with a score of 9-5.After the game, the records of both parties have come to 1 win and 1 loss.

Snake King is the full focus of today, he played a single 3 bang.

Snake King is the full focus of today, he played a single 3 bang.

Data highlight


First, Punlarta 3 games were played 6 security, and there were 3 guarantees, lost 4 points, and stayed in the field. In terms of hitting, Jerezi and Braun are all hitting two security, including a home run, and Kane also has a single 2-service performance.

St. Louis Sapphire

First firing Fleti 4.1 Location lost 4 points and sent 4 three-vibration, and Andrew Miller, who staged the first show, was hit a home run. In terms of fighting, Gold Schmidt 5 played 4, there is still a deliberate guarantee, four hits include three home hits, hit 5 points, is the biggest hero wins the team; In addition, Paul – Delong and Matt-Carpenter have a single performance of 2.

Game process

Winemaker first pitcher Freddy-Peralta

Winemaker first pitcher Freddy-Peralta

The wineman pitcher Freddy-Peralta is unfavorable, after being sent out by Matt-Carpenter, after the delivery of the guarantee, Ten balls with Gold Schmidt, and finally hit this Baseball, one out of the way is not arrested first. The Red Shot continued to append harm, and the star Morner’s Left Flying Directive Flat Flying Directive After the Ballroom, Delong, the score has come to 3-0. At this time, Peralta stabilizes the foot, and even sends 2 times, ending this half.

The second half of the second game of Gold Schmidt hits this time, this time he hits it again, but unfortunately there are two bureaus, teammates have not continued the offensive.

After the third bureau of the Luhua, Masel Aionne is still playing, F Waler has chosen to guarantee, and one person is out of the case, and it is a back to the back of the row. The two defensive defenders of King and Bad will not build a tree again, and the red ramp regrets left two restrictions.

after the third bureau of the winemaker, after eight or nine batches, Keyun first hit the play, and then the country of the country of China MVP was selected, and the two people were in the case of the base, another bit of winemaker The front MVP Rwan Braun hit the home run, and the score will be packed. The three games ended, and the two teams warned to 3-3 flat.

The first batter of the fourth game of the Red Sendell team is the first firing Freteti. After he hit the place from the hand of Pellata, Cartente’s anattors sent him to the second base. When I changed the replacement, the cowshed Pitcher Albeis came to solve the Gord Schmidt, which is also the only one of his games, but then it is still hit by Delong, and firing Fletie is Run back to the superfix. Albys showed a penaltie, and the runner came forward to enter a line, Molina, and then the guarantee is full, but F Wyle has been out of the bureau, and the winemaker is struggling to guard this half.

The second half of the winemaker will be more stubborn, and the second base of Musakas will send the arrival of Agah, and the sacrifice of Grridar left foreign countries. Take a flat. The four games ended, and the two sides 4-4.

The sixth game came, facing the fourth pitcher of the winemaker Taylor-Williams, Gold Schmidt once again hit the home run, this is a spring gun, and the second year of his game boom.

After the competition came to the seventh game, after the two out of the game, Carpenter sent back to the king, letting the Red Tit have a two-point leader. Then I turned to Gord Schmidt to attack again. This time he sent the red midst of Barnes to the left outer country. The homes of the left, Aoyu, the seven games, the seven games ended, the red scitch 8-4 Lead.

The red scitch once genius Pitcher Rayes played, 12 goals clean and neat three three, although there is no three ivity, but it can be safe to understand.

The eighth games will first expand the score into 9-4, then the bottom half of the second half, Jerezi knocked out the homework in Andrew Miller hand, and reduced the score to 4 points, and the wineman got it. The players who have passed MVP have hit the home run at this game. The eight games ended, and the two sides were divided into 9-5, or the red ramp led.

In the first half of the ninth game, once again turned to the Gord Schmidt hit, Kangsel chose to deliberately and ship him, and the snoring is four.

The ninth bureau, the lower half of the Red Tit, the Skit is played. After the teenager, the last player of the winemaker continuously, the last player of the winemaker did not succeed, the soldiers Sprinkler with a score of 9-5. After the game, the records of both parties have come to 1 win and 1 loss.

Both sides


First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Lorenzo – Kane

Second Bar Right Wilder Cristian – Yalezi

Third rod left outer wilder Len – Braun

Fourth stick Trillan

Fifth rod, Besus Agah

Sixth stick two bases Mike Mustas

The seventh stick, ASman Granadar

Eighth Battle Orlando Garcia

Ninth stick Freddy-Peralta

St. Louis Sapphire

First stick three bases Matt – Carpenter

The second stick, Paul, Paul, Gold Schmidt

Third stick guerrilla Paul – Delong

The fourth stick left outer wilderman Masel – Austrian

Fifth rod catcher Yadiel – Molina

Sixth rod right wilder hand Durkest-Wom

Seventh stick two bases

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Harrison – Bad

Ninth Bar Pitcher Jack – Fleiei

Next look

Tomorrow, both sides will continue to be in the home court of winemakers, the red scitch will send young Dakata – Hudson first, Hudson’s 26 games last season, starting from the cowshed, main investment 27.1, self The score rate is only 2.63, and tomorrow will be the first time in his big alliance, look forward to his play.

The brewer’s first pitcher Woodrf is mainly from the cowshed last season. Among them, the first four main investment 15.2 is lost 11 points, and it is not ideal. The whole season has cast a 42.1 bureau, the self-blade rate is 3.61, and the performance is still.