The snake first pitcher abnormally broke the record unique collapse and then the quarter is re-vap

On September 23, Beijing time, Arizona Rattlespe Snake was at home at the home of 1-5 unvilty Colorado.The host promotion of the reappeal full review of the resin snake, the first-end pitcher and https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comthe wander, the speech, the guest Zhao You’s blunt Chinese change ball control has problems, and the four bad balls are more than the season single field 4The historical record of the times, so abnormal performance allowed the snakes to warm up the cowshed in advance in the third game.

Patrick Colbin was first served as a first pitcher in the first game, in the resolution of the drop of the drop of the Eeldo 1st St. Black, was knocked out in the wild rolling earth by DJ-Le Mei, due to Gord. The lack of the latter, Le Mei, is even more powerful. Colboufin four bad balls to send Noland – Arrecoto and Matt – Hollydi, so that the snake ushered in only one person is full of crises.

Zhao You Point Comment on the control of the Corbin change ball, in fact, the past four bad ball boxes are not high, so in the face of Ian – Daysmond knockout, the ball is full of double kills through the crisis. Antonio-Senztela in the first half of the first half, was served as the first pitcher, and successively blocked the snake, Xian Feng Qiong – Jay, Edward – Eshkiba and David – Perlarta is successful.

The Rocky passed the Chris Aenner Tower in the second game, David-Dar, Gallete-Hampton and Antonio-Senza Tella were also not under the bureau of Colbin point. Paul Gold Schmidt was blocked by the second half, Daniel Descaso and AJ-Poolock were sent out by three, let Senzadla helped Luoki completed half of the three three Bureau.

Blekon’s third game was taken in the right knee, and Zhao You said that this may be that Corbin lasts in the main scene of the hip snake, the next season is recovered, and it has been asked by the reporter. Yangji’s 暧昧 rumor. DJ-Le Mei Revenue is blocked by Blackmond to the second base, and Arrecoto is guaranteed by four bad balls in the world.

Zhao Younes Comment on Corbin is quite cautious about Arrecia, almost no good ball is a point outside the edge angle. Holidi is suspected to be dissatisfied with the key ball of the San Zhen out of the game, and Daysmond is also a four-bad ball to make Rocky form a full base. But today the game is less than three games to send five guarantees.

Zhao Youshi Lu Luki did not have a hit rate in September, so he was so good to take a 1st to 2 to 2-0 in Aneneta, and maintain a good advantage of one third base. Darn will then let Luoqui will then take 1 point for the first snake to 3-0, still keeping a point to someone, Hampson also forms a series of security to expand a difference to 4-0 and a third base.

Zhao Younue This is the unfavorable situation of Cole to the ball. It is easy to take the ball to catch the ball, and the status is so abnormal, so that the snake has to warm up the cowshed in advance, so in the Senu Errill Finally hemost bleeding, but in the Third Bureau also consumed 82 balls of Corbin. The Snake Snake 3rd Half Amed and the Avila is blocked, and the Cole is hit by the three vibration.

In the first half of the 4th game, the Snake was selected to change Landel Delgado. Blackmond chronped out the DJ-Le Mei break was killed, follow-up to seize the opportunity to advance to the three-finals but two people, but Hollydi Beacked by the residue. The second half of the second half Brilan is blended to get Senza Tila shadow, and Zhao You blunt this kind of ball difficulty is that the time is very short.

Senza Tila Sanzu Deds Cassa got the 4K of the single field, but was taken by 11AJ-Pooko out of the spring gun to recover 1 to 1-4, so that the snail snacks pulled the alarm to celebrate, promote this is AJ – The 19th bomb in Polan this season. The snake selection of the Snake in the 6th game and changed the Jimmy-Schiff, and successively solved the Blackmont, Le Mermond and Arlenna and complete the wonderful killing.

The snake snapped out of the first half of the 6th game in the second half, but did not take the score by the double kill. One of the female fans is more turned over the throttle. The snake selection of the second half of the 7th game is changed to the Sepalino – Brachi is successful, and the promotion of the game’s gap is a fixed-cost, Zhao Boy believes that irritation can be comparable to the World Competition.

Zhao You further added the cruelty of the external card war, almost brought the team first and cowshed, which is very disadvantageous for follow-up, so the team is more likely to impact the partition champion rather than the external card. As for the cow shed pitcher, it is only to fight 10 balls, and Zhao You will suspect that the energy consumption of 20-30 in the cowshed is also very large.

Eskoba is tapping to Rocky, but there is still no point, and the snake is in the 8th game. Salvation of the defeat and Hampton, facing Ryan McMaho to change the Andrew – Chaffen, but the ball misunderstanding the knee protective gear of Avila, and there is no more time to continue the match for a while, and the smooth three-haired McMah is still dropped behind.

Rocky selection of Adam-Otvino, San Zhen AJ-Poolock, was selected by the AJ-Pooko, and successfully blocked Avila after completion of the Avera. After the first half of the 9th game was hit by Blackmund, the snake was once again changed, but it was still tapped in the DJ-Le Meiji, but he ushered in one, two Some people have a crisis.

Zhao You Introduction Boxberg’s name English opened is a box + burger, so in the player’s nickname, it is worthy of the box + burger expression bag, but choosing the four bad balls to send the unfavorable situation, and then kill The walker running to the home base has no points. Boxberg four bad balls were sent to 1-5, but fortunately, Pellarta is highly difficult to kill Rocky.

Rocky chooses Wade Davis in the second half of the 9th Bureau, first is successfully solving Kitter-Malt high-speed ball, and successfully kills Jay Liantai 2 out. The home small fans anti-wearing cap hopes that the snake can reverse the turning over, but unfortunately, Eskoba knocks out the high-speed ball being killed in 1-5. Carry forward the reappeal game, the performance of the tail snake competition is flat, the first firing and the whaled ball is not very powerful. Zhao You direct refers to the entire offensive momentum of the main team.