The sixth crowns can also kill the killing of the killing of the killing of Bilchk to play the egg shooting.

New England patriots are known for their “never rest” training attitude.

However, for the coach Bill Billarck, if they can have the opportunity to participate in the colorful shooting game, then it can be appropriately broken.

Bilipk canceled 2 training, led the players to participate in the color shooting activities. It seems to be a perfect team building.

More interesting is that Bilipk is equally great in this activity.

When playing live on the game on Tuesday, the patriot line Wenda Ware-Vanoui to Team Youwei Wei Dongta – Hai Tawa said: “Billgan filled me. His colorful bomb directly hits my mask, mask then Hit my teeth, now it hurts now. “

It can be imagined that Britbik has developed a detailed strategy in the event to win. There is no doubt that the colorful performance of Billarck proves that he is the most powerful person in which activities are.

Obviously other 31 NFL teams will compose from Vanoi’s experience. After all, they are all passed by Billy.