The patriot new aid is actually a black child, and the patriotic remarks are also harmonious by the official website.

The new England patriot is a team of many fans and sickness, and their countless glory and achievements in the 21st century make people jealous, sometimes even the patriots players will have similar ideas. Michael Bente, the defensive end of the bribrant has never been afraid of saying his own ideas, even if he faces his new east, Bennet is still bluntly speaking.

When I interviewed the official website of the Patriot last week, the inner special media said that his heart is full of hostile to the patriot, and hate all the patriots. However, after the Philadelphia Eagle traded, the hate of the defensive end has disappeared, he only wants to play for the patriots.

“In the past, I really hate the patriot, hate everything they, they are always winning, which makes me feel disgusting. I hate Bradi’s hairstyle, hate Terrism, but when I franchise After that, my hate has already disappeared, I love this team, I love Braddy’s hairstyle. “From hate to love, sometimes it is so simple. In the face of the new east, Bennet did not have anything, it seems that he is indeed a sense of sex.

Bennet, the reason is not surprising, on the 49th super bowl, the patriot uses a copy of the Hope to the Seattle Hawks to win. At that time, the NETT as the Haiying player was in the copy and many patriots players. Therefore, we are not hard to understand why Bente is so resentful. Maybe the patriot fans can accept the true temperament of Bentet, but the Patriots team can not allow this. Therefore, in the video released by the official website of the Patriopters, the relevant Q & A of Bente has been deleted, only some of the words of the paladiaries.

“Being a member of the patriot, I am very happy. We all have a common goal, that is to win. I have everything to start with the team’s first angle. This is a player. In this way, I can achieve the goal of the team, I like to do these things. “

Today, Bennet has completely entered the role of the patriot player. His job is to play well, and private grievances have already been thrown, and this is also a professional spirit that Bennet as a player.