The official MVP list is released: Paul fifth, Durant is only second, Curry still leads the alliance

On November 26, Beijing time, after another competition, NBA has further changed. Many weak teams in the previous week showed their tenacious will, thus got victory in many strong teams. For example, the Rocket also broke their 15-year-old record. However, for the players, their data is still quite stable, after all, the season has also come to a quarter stage. Recently, NBA officials also give the latest regular season MVP list, then which players can successfully have a list?

Paul last week ninth

Previously, Paul, 36, can successfully mount the top ten of the MVP list, which has been unexpected, and now Paul’s rankings are still further, directly to the fifth place. This is also no wonder that Paul’s rankings can rise again, although his average data is only 14.1 points plus 3.9 rebounds, but he also has 10.4 assists. And the sun has achieved 14 consecutive achievements under the leadership of Paul, which is the current longest winning record in the alliance. Paul’s ability is really strong.

Letter brother six last week

After more than a month, the defending champion Bucks finally showed their true strength, and the status of the letter brother has returned. Nowadays, the average data of the alphabet has reached 27.2 points, plus 11.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists, and he successfully brought the buck to the sixth place in the eastern part, which has a significant increase in previous records. Now letters brothers have successfully entered the fifth place in the regular MVP list, and it is enough to see that he still has a chance to win this award.

Yeki last week

Then, then the top three of the MVP list, this location has little change in the last week, or yes, but his data has changed. Now Yicch’s data is a field of 26.4 points plus 13.6 rebounds and 6.4 assists. He saved the Nugget in the water and fire, and he absolutely mobilized this. Award. Although the record of Nuggets is not good, about the ability of Jochi’s ability.

Durant last week

Last week, I was already in the second place in Kuri, which
was still in the second place, I was still in the second place, which is undoubtedly a bad news for Durant, because his data is 28.1 Add 7.6 rebounds and 5.3 assists, but this is still more than the library. However, the Nets are currently in the current state, they have firmly grasp the position of the eastern part, Durant plus Harden’s combination is slow, but the latter half is still very sufficient.

Curry last week

The next first place does not have to say more, this location is a Curry, because the library played the performance of the phenomenon in this season, and there is no other player at all players at all in the league. At present, the Warriors also stabilized the first place in the western part under the leadership of Curry, and the Curi himself is still the king of the current alliance, and the game has reached 28.2 compared to Durant. As long as the Cook continues this state, he will become a player who takes three regular game MVPs with point guard.

Next, there are Badler, Durzan, Mora, Ravin and East Chickens, although these six to ten players don’t change much, but the players such as Dong Chicge have succeeded. It is also very fierce competition in the regular season in this season. No players can show a clear advantage. Even if it is also the probability of Turi, it will be contrary to Durant, let alone there are many new students. The player is a tiger.

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