The MLB01 Xuan Xiu announced retiring Zeng Sany won the gold gloves award won the Metail MVP

Joe - Moore is about to retire

Joe – Moore is about to retire

Beijing time November 10, there is a state in which Joe Mauer will announce the retirement in the local time on Sunday. The news said that Joe-Moore bought a whole version of the Sunday in the Sunday to announce the news from the fans.

On the MLB official website, Molden broke the letter written to the fans, and wrote the reasons why Moore, Moore, and expressed their gratitude to the fans. Moore said that he was influenced by brain shock in these seasons. For the consideration of your health and family, I finally decided to bid farewell to the Great Alliance and the career baseball.

“After a long time, I decided to retire from my own baseball career. This is not a decision that can be easily made, but I am faithful, the baseball will always be my favorite thing. For my health and family, I made me The choice of retirement. I found that the risk of brain shock is huge. I still remember when I was rescued because of the thirtie game. I immediately became the father of three children. I found that I need to consider my future. “



Moore expressed his love for his family in his letter: “I have often heard people saying that when my father will have a big difference. Now I have discovered that they are right, after the last occasion, I have turned into the brain, I At the beginning, I thought about the injuries that might happen. This situation made me unable to go all out on the baseball field. In order to be a qualified father and husband, I made a decision of the decommission. “

“In Minnesota, I have spent the 18th season. I have left a lot of memories with the fans. I will always thank the Double Square and the Double Squad of the fans. Thanks to the fans as always Support, you let me understand the meaning of dressing on the two-year team’s jersey. Thank you again, because you have you, I will take a family that meets with gratitude. “

Moore was selected by the Minnesota Shuangcheng team in the first step in 2001. Here, Mol is a 15 session of your career. Moore’s career has played 921 games, and he was selected six times and became the most valuable player of the United States in 2009. Since 2008 to three years in 2010, Moer won the gold gloves for three consecutive years.