The Lakers’ Pistons Two Wars, Stewart Revenge Opportunities, Woger Fantasy will be vigilant

On November 29, Beijing time, NBA regular season welcomed a focus, and the Pistons were at home to meet the lakes! The two teams believe that many people are also in the eyes, and the Trinks will fight Stewart. 3 times of the label, the latter, I want to find James to be stopped, and finally 2 people were expelled. And was punished by the alliance. Tonight, James and Sterrtt met again, the new hatred hate mixed together, what kind of spark will be wiped, and it is expected!

The piston team is currently suffering from 5 losers. The number of records in the eastern part of the record is that everyone knows that the goal of this season is to make a rebuilt, and strive for high-time selection, but when the opponent is a Lakers, all plans will Surface is shelved, tonight is stronger. As the saying goes, NBA has no weak brigade. When a weak team goes all out, when they fight, they have the opportunity to defeat any team.

As for a luxurious Lakers, the performance of this season is much lower than that people expect, and the winning rate is not enough 50%, the team has exposed a lot of problems. The season has just been played in 21 games. The Lakers have changed 10 sets of starting lineups, and they are all five-five open, have become a big feature of the Lakers. The last face of the Kings of the Civilian Team, the Lakers actually fought 3 plus, overdrawing the physical fitness, and finally failed to win the game, and people lived.

So, in the face of the coups that I want to revenge tonight, the Lakers’ compensation is a significant advantage, but it is a victory.

In the game, I talked about this focus, the Lakers coach Woger said: “After experiencing Stewart and James incident, it is not expected to have
any stories on the pusher today, we will be aware of vigilance.”

The mountain rain is full of wind, but also expects the fierceness of the game tonight!

The first lineup of the two teams has been released, the first of the piston: Satik, Grant, Stewart, Corningham, Hayes. The Lakers took the first lineup: Wei Shao, Bradley, James, thick eyebrows, small Jordan.

James is talking to Stewart, the game is about to begin, we will wait and see!