The general manager of the steel man reaffirmed that the team’s absolute leader faced the fight against him.

Today, we see the Pittsburgh steel man in a big play, the most critical three players of the offensive group – Run Verievone – Bell, External Takers Antonio – Brown and Quaternary Wein – Rosrisberg It played a role.

Brown previously criticized the criticism on the twitter, it seems to touch the team’s high-level nerves. When meeting with the reporter on Wednesday, Kevin Collbert, general manager of the team reiterated the support of them.

“Ben – Rooserisberg has no doubt is the leader of this team,” Cobert said. “It’s not just to look at my standard, but it is seen in the standard of the team.”

Brown has previously called the question and answer in Twitter, and there is a kind of “boss mentality” when treating teammates, especially if he uses the opportunity to use a radio program every week to attack other teammates committed the mistake. Cobert said he did not have a problem for the big budget.

“If our players are smart, they will listen to his comments, because he has experienced such a situation,” he said. “He can tell them, ‘No, guys, your performance is enough or not enough to help the team.”

“I think he doesn’t have any problems. He can publicly criticize me. I am completely respecting his practice because I think he wins us and is too sleepy too many times.”

Collbert took the big leader in the Jackson Veltarian Tiger competition, and he said that he was responsible for his life, then Tell teammates they should do better.

In addition, Cobert clearly said that it can lead the team in a manner that it is considered appropriate.

“Ben – Roosergberg is the only player who won the super bowl of championship in our team.” Cobert said. “As the team quartz and super bowls, as a leader is a heavy burden on him. Really. We have discussed this thing with some players. For him, the burden is very heavy, Because he is a trump 4-point guard, it is a four-point guard, the team will count on him as they should do. This is a huge responsibility. “

In Bell, Bell will become a free player and Brown will also leave the team. Now it is Cobert’s responsibility to provide a sufficient excellent offensive player in his career.