The frequency of recruiting is too high or the life is tight! Wineman Star Wilderness Hand Kahn announced to withdraw from this season

August 2 (Text / ESPN Compile / Love) Marinfish, the Philadelphians’ wind wave is not flat, and the sapphire is the same. Although MLB’s 2020 season has been postponed for months, the schedule is shortened to 60 games, but there is still no intrudes of the epidemic. On only a week of starting, there were 3 players infected new crown viruses, and the current healthy players will be returned, such as Milwaukee brew people’s star owners, Lorenzo – Kane.

Although Keyne is the main owner of a winemaker, he is also a father of three children; he said that he decided after “discussing with family people” and no longer participated in all the remaining competitions in the 2020 season.

Kane wrote in a statement released on Saturday: “There is currently too many uncertainty and unknown around our game, I think I feel that the remaining season is my own, my wife and 3 A child is the best decision. The winemaker is very understanding and supporting my decision, I am very grateful to them here; I wish all all the great teammates all smoothly, and I look forward to returning to the 2021 season. Everyone please Keep your own security. “

The two all-star owners have made this decision after the team is postponed with the original series of printed, because the necrosic virus nucleic acid detection is positive because the mid-crown virus nucleic acid is positive, so the game has to be postponed. To investigate, just as the situation of macarium and Philadelphians are the same. However, Cairn’s decision did earn a team’s understanding.

“He thinks this is what he should do.” The general manager of winemaker David Sterns said, “We fully respect and support this decision. For a while, Kane has been thinking about this. Family discussing, then be carefully considered to make this application. We understand this decision and the process it produce, he thinks this is what he should do and correct, we understand this. “

Kane hits the district 6 times in the 5 games before this season, and there are 2 points. His hit rate was 0.260 last season, and the 11-year-old hit, 48 points and 18 pirates; at the same time, the excellent offering of the same makes him get the first gold glove of the career. His salary this season reached nearly $ 6 million, which was part of his 5 million US dollar contract, and the contract was 2022.

In the same day, Kane announced the sale of the retaining, the second base of Malinfish, Izura, Diaz, also chose to retire, and the current Maruli has already positive detection of at least 21 team members.

“I think that what happened in the past week has played a role in Kane’s decision.” Sterins said, “Although
he did not mention the purple or Marin fish, I think he had considered to withdraw from the season. These days, the frequent recurrence of the epidemic is helped him to decide. “

Kane’s retardation is undoubtedly a huge loss of winemakers. The 34-year-old old man will have a great contributor to the team in a hit and crowds. The winemaker is also trying to complete the fence in the history of 3 consecutive years, but Kane’s lack will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of impacting the playoffs.

“This will definitely have some effects.” Sterns said, “He is an important part of this team. He is very good this year. The physical condition is very good. We can see this in the first week. One point. He played very well, he could play a great season, so we will miss him and miss the energy he provides. “

In 2018, Kairn ranked seventh in the National United King MVP, and the MVP winner in that year is his teammate Jerichi; that year, the winemaker is https://www.fanartikelsportde.comfilled with 7 games in the National Union Championship. The world contest is lost, and the 0.308 hit rate of Kane’s season is ranked Fifth, 0.395 oscillation rate and 30 pirate rankings. Last season, Kane was suffered from some injuries, but it still helped winemakers into the outer card, but they lost to the ultimate World Competition in the cruel contest.

Keyne’s absence may bring more opportunities to Gameiers, the latter is a whole-range owner, last season, he is in the left foreign country, 36 times, the right outer country is 15 times, Zhonghuo is 14 Second-rate. In the four-game competition in the season, he contributed 3 hits, including a home run and a three base.