The first week of war report summary Rogers king returned to Rack full fire

On September 10, Beijing time, the first round of the NFL regular season was fully open. In this round of regular season, all teams are in the sea, and the bear team uses Kalur Mark, and the latter Rogers, but the latter will play another Jedi reversal; big this face Take it, help the team to take a single game in the past, and the Brown team finally ended 17 links; Andrew Rucks were completely opened for 616 days, but it could be difficult to recover the horses. What is the war situation in the first week of regular season? We together look!

Tampa Bay Pirate 48-40 New Orleans Saint

Pirate main four-point Wei Jie Misi Winston banned three games, “Harvard male” Lanfitz Patrick as the first four-dimensional warring proves their magical magic. In today’s competition, Pap Patrick 28 passed the 417 yards to cut 4 Dali, passing the ball to 156.3 points of terror, and became the best quarter-off. In addition, he also showed his own mobile, 12 sho pushed 36 yards to get 1 Daliang, this old will call the wind in the pocket, defeat the Saint team ran first on the 15th defensive group. The entire game, Fitzpadrick’s choice is very smart, almost not challenged the end of Ma Shaen Rativo. Large outside Mac-Evans, 7 times, push the 147 yards 1 to 1 Daliang, Dudwant’s Dudwant Jackson is also activated, 5 games to promote 146 yards 2 to more.

Old to Drew Bris is still very stable. 45 times, 37 times, pass the success rate of more than 80%, and Bris’s favorite external connections are Michael Thomas, and the latter will push 180 yards 1 to 1 to the latter. Last year, the best rookie Alvin-Kamara took the line over 100 yards, and the second half appeared to have a little dumb flash, it seems that Mark Engram’s lack of lack of lack is a small impact on the team. The Mike Geelisley just signed is also very bad today. I only ran 9 yards and sent a drop. For a team in the super bowl, the Saint team attacked the firepower at home, but the defense seems to have returned to the past. They didn’t get a murder, Cameron Jordan almost stealth, and I also released two hundred yards.

Pittsburgh Steelman 21-21 Cleveland Brown

The Brunt finally stopped 17 games, but they didn’t win. The first half of the game Brown completed three copy, but their score was zero. When the second half came to 21-7, everyone thought they would lose the game as before. However, the fourth game came to the mid-section, Miles Galt forced James – Connecan, Gabri-Bi Persi grabbed the ball, Brown used this ball to complete the reachable, then they will score. However, enter the overtime game, the two sides have lost their own goals, and finally hit the manual words.

Brunt’s new Show Kagarean-Ward Xiu Xiu is a big copy of the top, and the whole game is like a blanket, wrapped in Antonio-Brown, which can get a single, Ward and Garley. It is important to play. For steel people, the status of large state is obviously not the best, so good to the James Connaught, Bell, who is playing the 192 yards and 2 reachaes, 31 promotion in the game. 135 yards. TJ Watt has completed 4 擒 擒 today, which greatly hindered the steel person’s attack, and finally he reached out to cover the 43 yards of Zhane – Gonzalez, and throwing an offensive group. Don’t talk, the defensive group is still a bit.

New England Patriot 27-20 Houston Texas

Det Shaun Watson is obvious after the recurrence, it feels unsained in the pocket, the movement of the foot is lost in the foot, and the ball is too long. He is only 50% in the face of the patriotic efficient attack, and the hit rate is only 50%, the efficiency is extremely low. The whole game Watson is looking for Dean Dear-Hopkins, and other outer junctions are not enough. The good news is that the pavement of Texas is very sharp, and the whole game rushes out of 167 yards, running the Wemaar Maller 20 times to get 98 yards.

Due to Julian-Edelman’s suspension, the patriot only has four outer hands on the big list, so Braddy has to use the close-end Feng Roski, good in Philip-Dorset in key I stood out, the whole game Dozado took the 66 yards of 1 to 1 to 1. Run Terri Mi-Hill played a good half, but the second half was hurt, let the patriot’s pavement attack stagnant. In general, the Patriot today’s offensive front line gives Braddy’s great protection.

Jacksonville American Tiger 20-15 New York Giants

The Jagua Run Gleonard – Fonte is in the first half of the right ankle, and the main coach Doug – Malang is optimistic about the injury of Fonte. People care about Odel-Baker Ham and Jay Ramse, the data will tell you that Xiaobei won, this is the first time in the first time in the ankle injury last year, 11 times Take 111 yards, but Beibei is not always opposed to Rams, and it is more important to AJ Boy.

Today, I played the worst, except for Bill’s quartz, Pittman, and the junction of the giant team, accurately, Eric Flals. After the defending team introduced the left-off front – Sodel, Flalles was moved to the right, and today he faced Carles-Campbell and Anynik-Encuvi’s rushing performance. Wolf, Xiaomaning, almost all the pressure on the right side. Looks in Saksean – Bakley is slower in the show, but then completes a 68-code ball to help the team to catch up with the score, and ignite morale. However, in addition to the mushroom, Barkeley’s entire game was only 2.24 yards.

Cincinnati Tiger 34-23 Indianapolis

Although the pile lost the game, Andrew Rak proved that he can fill the audience, through the game, Rak recovery is quite good, playing with his injury, he can move through flexible steps in your pocket Skating potential dangers, found 9 different ball goals. The game of 53 times in the game was 53 times, and the success rate of passing the ball was as high as 73.5%, and the 319 yard was promoted to get 2 Dalian 1 Cascade, and the time was returned by 616 days.

When you work with a group of young people, there will be some troubles. For example, Feng Taiz – Bakelet is absent, affecting the play of the tiger line, and their quick rushing is in the preseason, and you can just fell As Allen, but it does not work for Rac. Andy Dalton, Joe Mickson and Aj.j. Green played well, they chased the score in the second half and the defeat, Dalton was slow, and the third section of the self will throw a long pass It is more and more confident.

Minnesota Viking 24-16 San Francisco 49 people

Cork Coss is very smooth in the first show of Minnesota. The whole game Cossins 36 passed 20 in 20, the 244 yards 2 Dalun, Adam – Belon is Coss, the favorite goal of Coss, 52 yards, completed 6 batches. The talented talent of Jun Dalvin-Cook, he gave Cixins to great support, allowing the team to attach vitality.

The 49-year-on-week contributed again to the Viking, and they still had a chance to equalize the score in the final stage of the game. Four mistakes, three times occurred in the red area of ??the other party, missed a part of the machine, Jimmy-Galloolin as a turn-off attack to the competition, which is a turning point of the game, these are over the controlled range of 49 people . Although the ball is lost, 49 people have a powerful lineup. If it is possible to control the mistake, it can also fight the wind with the Viking people. But in terms of details, they are obviously not ready yet.

Baltimore Crow 47-3 Buffalo

The crow team showed the status of Joe-Vlaco through the Blue Buffalo, and the tacit understanding between Emperor and the new weapon, in addition to the big score, the crow has been replaced by the rear, which gives the main lineup to rest. Time, better prepare for next week’s Thursday night game. Fraco activates all the new weapons of the team, including Michael Clarbitri, John – Brown and West Schneider, which is the first in a game since 2014. Three different players completed the reachable.

The Bill team swallowed a pain after a painful loss, and the head coach McDemote said to go back to “see the video”, then decide who is the first quarter of the Sunday, the first quartz, Pittman today The first three games were promoted by 24 yards in the first three games. They sent twice to copy, pass the ball score into 0, and was also killed 3 loss 12 yards. Such poor performance makes the coach very speechless. Josh – Allen took over the team, and there was no significant progress.

Kansas City Chief 38-28 Los Angeles Lightning

The Emirates can make up for their weak defense, Patrick Mahmems, throw 4 records, if they can cut 38 points while they can fight against a strong defensive group You can win more games. The special service group is still a flash of Achilles, today they have lost 14 points because of the mistakes of the special team.

Carolina Black Leopard 16-8 Dallas Cowboy

After the near-end Padley-Olsen and the right cut Darer-Williams, the Blagers still has strength to take Dallas Cowboy. Kam – Newton’s leading under the leader of the new offensive group coach Nov Turner, Luke – Chicley 13 times, such as the space attached to the cowboy. Dating back to the previous season, the denim has not exceeded 20 consecutive games. In the past 9 games, 7 passed the number of passes did not arrived at 200 yards, and generally Prescot’s magic No longer, Elliot cannot save the team.

Denver Horse 27-24 Seattle Hawks

The wild horse wants to break away from the 3-11 shadows last season, probably do not want to face adversity. Today they have faced this situation again, and the new four-point Weikas-Kasi, although it can pass up to the array, it also sent 3 copies, the final stage of the game was four points, Nika 4 passed 4, 7 waves The offensive with the ball and advanced 75 yards to get a reach. The wild horses after winning are very happy. As the outside Tegras Methius-Thomas said, “this is the rebound method you want.”

Earl Thomas tells the fans, how important it is for the team, today he completes a copy of the Haiye to get a reach, in addition to completing a successful anti-transmission and 5 hugs, Hawks defending group The game is clearly exposed to the problem of experience, if Ear Magas, the sea, the sea, will be unimaginable. Safety Wei Bradley McDonald said: “Whether it is a new member or the old player, it is very important to have Earl. The reason why El will become Earl, today he shows you everything.”

Washington Red Leather 24-6 Arizona

Sapphire Clamp Wilkes believes that although 24-6 lost to Washington red skin, this does not represent the true level of the team, he said that the defensive group released 182 yards in the ground. “Cannot accept “And” Run Arizona “is compared to” revenge gods “. The Red Ram team has exposed too many questions in failure. Once it is backward, it will take a lot of pass on the attack, although a game cannot be defined, but they have told other teams how to defeat them.

It looks very interesting in Washington’s lives in Washington, and some of them have a large number of pass options, and the powerful running guards of Adrian Peterson. Take a very jealous.

Miami Dolphin 27-20 Tennesi Toyan

Lennimi Hirosah’s first battle that is returned to the game is successful, although they are exhausted by 4 hours of thunderstorms. The Dolphin team is almost a turmoil, including the team every position. Nowadays, Gu Tintini is aesthetic alert to the players, and he is very rhythm and is very familiar with the team’s tactics. This is a good sign on dolphins.

Titan’s four-dimensional Marcus Muropeta closed inspected after being hit by Dolphin Defensive Players. This hit made Mario Tag had a big blow, but he said nothing after the game. Mario Tam’s game has handed over 2 copies, it seems that the new Titan coach Mike Flabell and the new offensive group coach Matt Ravlo had a success of his tuning.

Green Bay Packaging Work 24-23 Chicago Bear

The bear has been leading the package in four quarters, which is a huge progress for them, because the bear team has always been the worst of the four teams in the country in the past few seasons. . However, the bear is all about, it is almost a breath, and it is almost like Rogers. We have reason to cheer the bear team. They show what talents have been shown to the fans, but this young team has a lot of ways to go.

The bear has been thinking about how it is harm Alon Rogers, just at this time, the defensive end Kelly Mark appears in the market, and the bear is not hesitant to take him. From today’s game performance, Kalier Mark undoubtedly ruling the best in half, and there is no shortcomings on the data. But Rogers is Rogers, 17 points behind the first half, and finally dragging a “residual leg” even if the last festival is dragging a “residual leg”.

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