The East Can’t talk about the first strain: 82 games in the season, you have to do something different.

Beijing time on December 2, this day, today’s regular season, the Supreme Heritage is worth 139-107.After the game, the Supreme Knit Dong Chi accepted the interview with the media.

Dong Chic said that the performance of the team tonight said: “We played very energy tonight. We have made great things in the transfer ball, there is a lot of vacancy opportunities, so we put the ball into it.”

When Tong Chickens talked about
the first strain tonight (Brock replaced small Hadarway first war): “There are 82 games in a season, you have to try some different things, sometimes this can help us,Sometimes it will not. This time, this time will undoubtedly bring us help, we play great tonight. “

This game, the Supreme Knit Dong Chi’s three sections, the debut 27 minutes, 16 shots 11, three points 5 in 2, free throw 4 in 4, a total of 28 points 4 rebound 14 assists 1 steal 8 mistakes, positive and negativeIt is the highest +29 in the audience.