The door is latched! Lightning merits close-end front Gates Take 16 years after the declaration

January 15th (Wen / ESPN Compile / Love) Removes Los Angeles Lightning Signboard Star, many people will think of “Da River” – four points Wei Feip Rivers, in fact, in the past ten years, There is also a player who uses yourself and excellent performance, becoming the soul of this team. He is “gate” – Antonio Gates.

Although Gates last time the competition is already a 2018 season, the moment is finally coming. On Tuesday, this old end of the 8 times selected professional bowl released its own decommission statement.

The 39-year-old Gates got 955 battles in the 16-year career, the 11841 yard pickup code and 116 buses reached. These three data sheets are the first! After he became a free player last season, he did not gain a contract, and the previous 2018 season, he also had 28 shots, and promoted the contribution of 333 yards.

“16 NFL season, 16 years of lightning, 8 times selection of professional bowls, and broke the countless record. I found that this declaration to decommissioning from the love of the stadium is a very difficult thing. Gates wrote in the statement.

“I never thought that I can play so long, I didn’t expect that I can grow side by side with such a team for so many years, this is so lucky. Although I have ended my identity as a lightning player, I am very happy. Will continue to provide help through community service and public activities with a completely different identity, continue to help the Lightning Team. “

In the 116-year-old Dalun, Gates received, Philip Rivers came out of 89 times, and these two have become the most combined combination of NFL history and near-end.

“Just like it happened yesterday, in 2006 I passed him in Auckland, I only passed 11 goals that day, but he didn’t excite like I was so excited.” Rivos said, “Who can think of so many years Can we do so much to reach the line, become the most history? I can still remember our countless training, competition, gathering, on the side of communication, and the subtle eyes in the game. At the time of the game He will express it ‘Come! Put the ball to me!’ He is so difficult to deal with, so we will have a ‘Gates rule’. This rule is – if he got a one-on-one chance, I don’t hesitate to pass it! “

Gates is still an excellent basketball player during college, but the football is selected when stepped into the career. Numerous great achievements confirmed his wise choice, he became the 17th player ranked 17th place in the history of the league in 955 games, and also ranked 3th.

At the same time, Gats is also a near-ended front-ended front-ended nearby single game in history. In his competition at least to achieve a big game, the record of lightning is 53 wins and 40 losses.

“Antonio is not only one of the greatest players in the history of the flash, but he is one of the greatest players in the history of the league.” Lightning boss Sean-Spornos said, “His 16-year career is never never, no matter In the field, he is not for the team’s contribution. He is the whole, his teammates and fans mean? More vocabulary can not be completely described. He is the best in this position. Players, you can discuss the name of the celestial hall; but now I just want to say: Thank you, Antonio, congratulations, you have a great and career. “

As Sabinos said, Gats’s selected celebration is almost a matter of staples, but due to the rules of the name of the player’s retirement period. Gates needs to wait until 2023 will have the opportunity to participate in the celebrity hall.