The best week of the 10th week: large state hot denim new show Chuang team new record

The NFL regular season ended the tenth round. This week, Pittsburgh steelman quadruposed 5nd up to 5 Darn thung, the second grade of Chicago, the second grade of the Chicago, Mitchell, Tribuski, took 4 reaches of the wind, Titan old Wesley – Wood Yard makes Braddy’s unrespoquent, cowboy new show Lilden – Van De-Esh single field 19 times to brush the new team history record, Bill play the ball Hao Schole 7 in 7 help the team blood wash jet, Red leather kicks the hand Tris – Weaver the pirate in his own post. The so-called big hero can be color, the real name is from the romantic, let’s take a look at which players will be elected as the best.

United Unitediance

Best offensive player: Steel Man Ben – Rodris Bozi quartz

The Pittsburgh steel team seems to have decided how to create history, the black panther team as one of the best teams in the country, and they lost 52 points to 2000. On Thursday night, the steelman quarter-Rodris Boch was first remember to find Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schustel completed 75 yards, and in the next game Never let go of the butcher knife in the hands, 25 passed the ball attempt 22 times, promote 328 yards, brush brush brush to find 5 different ball goals throw 5 rewards, career the third time gathered 158.3 Full of passage score. The big pass route is like a big network, which is constantly knitting and destroying the black pen defensive second line.

Best Defensive Players: Titan Wesley Woody

In the face of the alliance old hegens New England Patriots, Tennessee Titan team wins at 34-10 at home, this week’s team line Wei Wesley Woody is awarded the best defensive player in the United States. In the competition, Woodyard completed 12 times, 1.5 times killing Tom-Braddy, made 5 quartzworthy compression and a number of hugs. Under the defense of the Thai team, even Braddy has not passed out. This season, Woodyard has won 62 times and 3.5 times, this is the old one in the league, the more the old, the more demon.

Best Specialist Player: Billstivin – Hardher Scholars

Faced with New York jet, Buffalo Bill is unrecognizable 41-10 blood wash opponent. Bill kicks Steven-Hardh card, one person hits 7 feet, including 2 merits and 5 foot attached points, helping the team to take 11 points directly. It can be said that as a player, the Hardh card is more than the jet team. The 33-year-old Haptard is righteous. Last week, the 54-yard free kick will be a season record. This old will have no mistakes since the second week of the season, this is his fourth time The first week is the best, the last prize is still the fourth week in 2017.

National offer

Best Offensions Players: Bear Mitchell – Trushesky Quadruple

In Chicago Bear 34-22, he defeated the same district of Detroit Lion. The second grade of the bear team was 30 times in the second grade of the Bear, and the 355 yards were completed. 3 records. 3 times a shock pushed 18 yards and a mushroom reached. According to statistics, Tusbuski has achieved 19 records in the past six games (17 pass to reach + 2-time mushroom reachable) 4 times. Last year, Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas City, Di Dide, creating Alex-Smith’s coach Matt-Naji, his transformation of Tusabi, just like Shawn Mc Wei, Galid, the same . The bear team led by Tusbuski will win the north of the country this year’s strength of Green Bay packaging and Minnesota, we will wait and see.

Best Defensive Player: Cowboy Leiden – Esh Line

Sunday night presented the defending champion Philadelphus, Deni Query, Wright, Vander, Esh, hugged a new show record of the team’s single game, and won the best defensive players in the country this week. 19 times, including 13 independence, Van Desh has become a definition of the sea. In addition, Van Desh also completed the first copy of his career in the first quarter, and helped cowboy score with this ball transformation. Within the last 2 minutes of the game, Van De Steish made the most critical 擒 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱 抱… 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码 码

Best Specialist Player: Red Preek Trace – Wida

Washington Red Pando Truck Tris – Dimensional in the game last week 16-3 defeating Tampa Bay pirates in the game, he abandoned the kick code as 49.4 yards, 4 times to stop the ball in the opponent 20 Code lines. According to statistics, it is 43.8 yards to discard the kick code in the season, and forced the opponent to launch an offense from his hinterland in the 6 games won. It is also interesting, just in front of the stage, some people wearing their own 5th players, but when the fan turned, the back was printed in 2010 quartz Dono Wan – McNa The name of the cloth. With many exciting performances in many games, I believe that Treis-dimension will definitely harvest their own fans.

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