The best moment of super bowl: steel people take over "perfect ball" to kill

Two gears score, the three-pointed steel people are still six yards from the Detan area, and the game is still over 43 seconds. After the ball is opened, this – Rosreisberg is not eager to shoot. He first made a vulnerable shot, and then use the left hand command team friend running position, and finally he put the ball to the end of the side. nearby. The ball draws a beautiful arc in the air, crossing the three Santa defensive players, and flying in Santono, Holmes, who jumped the ball. The latter fell out after the ball, the referee raised his hand to complete! After the recording and playback of recruitment, Holmes landed instantly in the world, maintained the original judgment, and it was effective!

The above scene is the final moment of the 43nd super bowl. And let us go back, from the beginning.

After the game opened, the Steel people took the lead in difficult, and the front two rounds of attack were won, and the second section was very leading. However, the Solda team quickly stabilized the feet, they first pushed the offensive group layers to return to a remembering a record, and then copied the passing of the pass by the defensive group, and won the starting 34 yards The good position of the offensive, the game has also entered the last two minutes. Since then, Cote-Warner led the ramp offensive group to control the rhythm on the field. They used several passes to advance to the steel people’s code line, got a score opportunity in the first half left. Unexpectedly, the wind is in the wind, and the steel man is from the brothers and shocked the pass of Warner in the new one. Harrison was awarded the best defensive player award in this season, and he had a self-evidence of his hand and a copy of him. The final half is divided into 17-7, and the steel team will lead again.

It was originally very chance to be higher than the ratios, but the result was pulled by the opponent, and the difference between 14 points in the outside was not small for the Red Season. The second half is first attacked, but it is rejected by the steel person, and the ball is returned after the ball is returned. At this time, the game has come to the fourth quarter, and the red number has been surrendered? No, the good play is just now! After the three gears of the Rushwatch defensive group, they drove the steel man to abandon the kick, and their offensive group re-hanged. This back Warner and his ball weapons found the feel, frequently using the passball to tear off the wires of the steel people. Especially the previously showed a slightly silent star external Lavi-Fitzgeraride finally revealed, and several times with Warner several times, and completed a code ball for a code in three gears. 14-20, the rocning is regaining hope! Next, after the two sides abandoned, the steel people who started from the backfield were made by the steel people who made the attack – 3 files 10 yards, the center Justin Hartwig caused the safety points in the end area, The rickets were sent to two points and the ball. Then, it is also the performance moment of the rock attack group, Warner’s short pass in the second middle road, finds the airfidzgerald, the latter directly hits 64 points. 23-20, the Red Championship is the first to lead, left to the steel team for two and a half!

The key moment is a heroistic color. At this time, it is Formos. He first brought the first attack in the case of a 20-size 20 yards, and just shifted the short pass to 40 yards when the offensive had just passed half a game. Line. At this time, the situation is once again fallen to the side of the steel man – they not only have a great shot opportunity, but also to achieve direct reordbits. A score, big first, first pass the ball to the right, then put the ball to the left side of the end area, but unfortunately slide over the hands of Holmes. The next gear is the scene started in this article. Since Formos hand feels hot, then it is true! After the additional hysteps, the steel man 27-23 leads four points, with only 35 seconds left. Although this subsequent flush is driven to the midfield with twice, they are only at the last 15 seconds attempts. Warner, who was finally held, was taken by Ramar Woodley, and the steel people grabbed the ball lock victory. This victory makes the steel man become the first six-winning super bowl in NFL history, while Holmes has a high-grade expression of the winner with 9 shots 131 yards.


The steel organ team kills the super bowl in two years, helping to defeat the packaging work without the seventh bowl. After that, although they scored several times, they did not return to the super bowl stage. The Super Bowl Holmes played his best season in the next 2009 season, but in 2010, due to the external problem, it was traded to the jet. Since then, his state declined year by year and suffered injuries. In 2014, it was only solved for the bear team for half a season, which also became the singer in the NFL. The first round show in 2006 did not play the expected career. Fortunately, his highlights in the super bowl have achieved themselves, and they also made a team.

The Red Picking team re-replaced the season in the season of 2009, but the French Dividend, and then Warner’s retirement also announced the shortcomings of the team’s brigma. In the 2014 and 2015 season, the Shuque team broke into the playoffs for two consecutive years in the leadership of the famous Bruce – Ariis and the other old quarton – Palmer, but fell to the outer card Satch and national contest. After that, Alice retired and Palmer retired to let the Red roll team entered a new round of rebuilding, only the old minister Fitzgerald struggle …

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