Text / Zhang ZihanA few days ago, Seattle Waterfriend designated to combat Edwin – Nkanasi was sent to New York. In less than a year, he has been traded twice, and Enknaisi is very interesting when it is very unexpected in New York today, but the next season will become very interesting.Trading between sailors and Yangji is not as strong as Anthony Davis finally joining the Lakers. But this trading has had a major impact on the US seasons, and the general manager of Yangji, https://www.mlbtrojerse.com Bryan Kashman, built the team, one of the most championships of the season, because the joining of the strong player Encnasie The slave of the Yangji turned into a veritable home running machine.The long-playing ability of the destruction of Encanso’s destruction is the purpose of Yangji, who hits the home, causing serious injuries. The 36-year-old Nkani is a Miao-Ben, and the strike is around. 241 / .356 / .531. The offensive index 888 is also his best performance since 2015. After the past seven seasons, Nakaisi has contributed 30 hot data for 30 bangs, and he is equipped with the New York Yangji Center. Location.After the frustration of last season, Enjazzi is successful in this season, and the ratio of the three vibration outline has also declined. Although he has no contribution to the defensive end, the hit is his https://www.mlbboutique2.com good play. Today, the Yangji Total Coach Bern has an interview that Nakaisi will mainly play according to the designated blow.Sailor record degradation transactions go to New York Some accidentsThe Seattle Sailor was stunned to the entire league, 13 wins and 2 losses, the opening of the Great Alliance, at the time, there were a few baseball experts believe that the sailor team broke into the playoffs in the “Houzuki” era, but the sailor in the subsequent game The original shape is replaced, and there is currently 31 wins and 44 negative rankings.Encanso inevitably becomes the victim of the sailor rebuilt, and he has to say that he can put the role of the base stripes.At present, the Yangji Walker is outside Kadena, and the remaining owner’s offensive index can reach more than 80% and each player’s https://www.maillotsenligne.com strength is not weak. Now the team’s three axes are 20 babies. Gary-Sanchez, 17-bombing Lux-Woit and 15-bombing Grayber Torres. Wait a moment? It seems to have less than two key characters. Yes, the basic season has almost rely on New York to fight the help, Jen Carlo Stanton and Alon Jiaqi missed most of the competitions in this season.For New York Yangji, more favorable benefits than the sailor heavy guns is New York Gemin Star soon returning to the team lineup. Due to different injuries and legs of the shoulders and the legs this year, only the three games of Stanton are taking the status of the Jianya, which is expected to be called the big alliance on the weekend. At the same time, “judge” Jiaqi April’s lasclama is included in the list of injured soldiers, and he will join the team earlier next week.Yangji person is too crowded with Fraser or tradedIt is very strange to say that the timing of Engens is traded to the New York Yangji. When Yangji is healthy, Alon Jiaqi is the first owner of the right country, Luke, Woit is a barrier. Stanton is not fixed, sometimes as a designated blow Sometimes the preparation of foreign affordable, Gardner is the first to do the owner, Alon Hicks will raise the position of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation of the body due to good physical conditions. – Frazer usually appears in the right area.Now come to Enkaisi, he can only stand the first base or as a designated blow. To the total coach Alon – Bun has recognized the newly invited Encansoon will take more time to assign a designated blow position. In other words, Brie must solve some scheduling deadlock. Currently, it is basically watching Ronald Torres, DJ – Le Mei Yu, Didi Gregus and Gio-Urab’s wild four-person group are very stable, but the field is obviously too crowded, and it is urgent to make adjustments.The most likely result in the Nakaisi is that he and Woit turn-on-homer and designated blow. “Juan” Jia Qi took over the right front area, “monster man” Stanton is the first left country, Gardner Will sit on the troops, the potential of the new Dai Frezese will be decentralized to 3A or transaction to solve the problem of the greatest existence: the first round value depth.This is obviously a less fair decision for Clint Fraser. He is currently cracking from three surroundings ,. 291 / .340 / .533 is only part of the overall performance, his field defense has been An annoying harsh ravine fans also appeared in the flying ball failure, causing a joke of the ball. However, a 24-year-old show can have such performances in the big alliance itself indicating that he also has potential to dig, from now on the deadline of the transaction deadline, Frazer locked the Yangji Each trading rumor.This is also the case for older ownership card Mei Lun – Merbin, the attack and defensive balance transferred in April, this can become a multi-functional substitute, he recently hangs from the war due to hurting, but it is also good for 2% 74. The oscillation rate still has trading potential, but now he will definitely be given up by Yangji.Ji Qi MLB best lineup sailor began to rebuild the roadNo matter how it trades, New York Yangji has now set up one of the most powerful lineups in today’s MLB. Just like last year, the milves of Milwaukee, they got Muscans before the deadline of the trading, and the original wild tools Tel Avis-Xiao shifted to the second base, the plan of Yangji seems to imitate the last season. The winemaker, which increases the offensive firepower and the depth depth to balance the deficiencies of the first round.Most importantly, Enkanas is mainly injured in the designated blow, because this season Yangji is really unlucky, the whole lineup is suffering from the disease, and the strong enemy Tampa Bay in the same zone and the Boston socks There are two people to serve as the specified strike position. Yangji introduced heavy gun glene gorn Kanasi to be able to get enough to fight at the end of the season.As for the other party of the transaction, Seattle sailor, earlier, Bruce. Youngization is the goal of the future development of the sailor, but the returns received by the transaction are rare, and only the 19-year-old pitcher Juan-Zon. Dominica and the right hand did not pick up the board in the newcomer alliance. According to his scout report, his straight ball reached the average of the big profit, and there is also a very tail and the ball and shift balls are also very developing.It is worth noting that consistency is a member of the sailor small alliance, but in 2017, it was sent to New York Yangji to rescue pitcher Nick Ram Pollo. Last year, Hu An-Zon entered the rookie list of Yangji Farm System, the sailor will train him in the future.Traditional players are not favored by the market, the 28th championFor the protagonist of this transaction, the New York Yangji may return to the New York Yangji. According https://www.fanartikelsportde.com to ESPN, the Seattle sailor will pay him half of the season. The contract of Encnasie is a three-year value of 60 million US dollars. It will choose 200 million US dollars to perform a team option or buy his contract with 5 million US dollars.Although I don’t know if the New York Yangjie will not execute the team option after the season, Nakani is indeed embarrassed. This also shows that the traditional one-base / designated strikers do not eat incense in the current trading market, and the sailor uses him to exchange a potential rookie pitcher is not too much.Two singles in Seattle Sailor transactions have meant that this season should be strategically given up. Now they should consider that they should constantly transaction to create a light stress but have competitive lineups. That is, the power player.Edwin https://www.fanstore2.com

– New York, New York, New York, New York, has become one of the strongest lineups of this season, the madness output, or all the nightmares of all pitcher. Different from Anthony – Davis, Enknaisi will not become a super lineup of the strut star, but in the process of the 28th championship of Yangji, he will contribute to his own force.