Super center joins! The second phase of the Shanghai team is officially confirmed, Li Chunjiang has anti-Balance

Super center, Feng Lai, NBA, has officially joined the Shanghai team, and the team has come together. In the second stage, the Shanghai team rotation players reached 16 people, named (split by the split): Wang Zhelin, Franklin, Guo Jiwen, Ren Junfei, Li Tianrong, Zongzan, Can Lanke, Liu Wei, Luo Han Dynasty, Yan Mingxin, Dong Yulin Yan Peng, Yuan Tang Wen, Zhu Yu, Heavy Da, and Newly Coited Feng Lai, a total of 16 people.

Feng Lai did not come to the experience of CBA playing. Many fans ask him what level is in NBA? The first round of the first round of the NBA draft meeting in 2014, the body of 2 meters 08, the arm was 3 meters 24, and a total of seven seasons in NBA, which have played a multi-team. 339 games, 171 start, 16.8 minutes, can get 4.9 points 5.1 rebound. Such an NBA resume player, came to CBA, definitely the inside killing, and Feng Lai is only 26 years old.

On the back of the back, Franklin, with Guo Yunwen, Yuan Tang Wen, Li Tianrong, Luo Hanchen. The first stage of Franklin is not good, three points are cold, the window period does not leave the Shanghai team, but with the team, Franklin can bomb 30+, after the window period, the second stage Can you do it? Guo Weiwen, Li Tianrong’s performance in the first phase made the outside world, and the two talents were very good. The second phase hoped to continue. Yuan Tangwen is hard to get the reuse of Li Chunjiang because of the lack of means in the offense.

Although there are many people playing on the front line of Shanghai, they are too big! Can Montek is very accurate, but now the defense is too bad, it is a shooter, the game is not high; Liu Wei is very good, but the attack is too bad; Yan Mingxin has no basket, Yan Peng, Heavy Da, Zhu , The game is not high, sometimes it can https://www.nbatrikots4.complay the role of the strangerse. Therefore, Li Chunjiang is very uncomfortable, and it is best to make Junwei, once disciples, and the field is 30 minutes. The internal strength of the Shanghai team does not have to say more, and the national hand Wang Zhelin, plus Feng Lai, Zongzan and Dong Qilin have a lot more time to play in the second phase.

Franklin, Guo Weiwen, Li Tianrong, Luo Hanchen, Ren Junwei, Can Montek, Liu Wei, Wang Zhelin, Feng Lai, Zongzan, these 10 people are the core rim of Shanghai team. The Shanghai team was very fierce in the first stage, successfully squeezing into the first echelon, the second stage of the high-level alliance, the Shanghai team truly molded, Li Chunjiang can fight against Liao Yue, which is also the real strength of the Shanghai team.