Super Bowl Middle Field Show Guest Official Xuan Xuanqi uses new soul rock shocking worldwide

On December 24th, Beijing time, the 53rd super bowl midfield, the singer, finally gounted to the official, like the foreign guesses, Maroon 5 will board the stage of the super bowl. Speaking of Maroon 5, friends who like to listen to music will never feel strange, because “Magic Red” is in the United States and even the world of songs.

Even if you really haven’t heard MAROON 5 or magic red, you must have a lot of hot single songs such as “Maps”, “Animals”, “Sugar”, you must also have intentionally. Especially the “Sugar, Yes Please” once a long-standing hot word. Today, let’s take a look at the 53rd super bowl of midfield, MAROON 5.

Don’t look at Maroon 5 is unlimited. In fact, this population from the United States has come through a lot of bumps, and it is not as smooth as we see. But it is exactly that they have been follower, and have experienced many magic red.

Years of Admire, middle-aged

In 1994, a few fifteen-six-year-old high school children were ambitious, and a band was built in Los Angeles. The name of the band is very green, called “Kara ?flower”, and has already had a “The Fouth World” “The album. However, this record did not let the band became popular. After several years of commercial performance, the team only had to live, and started their university life. The music dream at that time seems to be farther and farther away from them, so they have not given up.

In 1999, Kara ?flower ushered in a new guitarist, re-established a team, and officially renamed MAROON 5. In 2002, the magic red launched the first album “Songs About Jane” after life is still the same as before. This unhappy band can only give some performances in each commercial argument. Until a year, some DJ found this album. After starting repeatedly playing in the radio, the magic red song gradually circulated in various channels. In October 2003, this album once again issued and swept the world in 2004, and was certified as a platinum record.

“Songs About Jane” can be said to be a goddom, its melody is beautiful, the style is unique, and a unique black music element is also present in the album. This album gives people an atmosphere, and it seems that every song has a unique connection between each song. Therefore, this very characterful album is also sought after by many rock fans.

In fact, their music can integrate so many elements, and there is no relationship with the candy to work in New York before. At that time, they contacted more black R & B music such as Jay-Z and Messi-Elliott, deeply felt the importance of “rhythm” in a song, so I used this music style. Among their creations, some people say that the magic red rock is called the new soul rock.

In 11 years, magic red created a “album for more than a year before the sale, and a three-year” strange scene. ” As a mainstream music wind, the 2005 Best Newcomer Award will give this to the young people who are pursuing to the dream. At that time, the magic red defeated the best of the lottery, and the main symbol in the awards – Levin is full of tribute: “It is possible to beat Wester to get such an important award, this may be in my life The happiest moment. “

But the words, the magic redness is by no means a nightmaining luck. They have been in many well-known artist warmths in hundreds of full-name artists, and the single “Harder to Breathe” has become the favorite of fans in the summer of 2003. First, gradually go deep into the heart. In 2007, replacing the drummer’s magic red launched the second album “IT Won’t be soon before long”, and they boldly seek their own music styles. Whether it is the dynamic enthusiasm of the first wave “Makes Me Wonder”, or some Bruce Rock, “Better That We Break”, and their own “Little of Your Time”, they all have the obvious performance before they broke through. . The magic red music is classic songs and evolved, which makes people feel fresh and fresh, and vigorously promote the revival of the American rock in the 1990s.

Home Sao Dang, self-contracted ring

In particular, you must introduce the main symbol – Levin, domestic fans like to call him “Sao Dang”. Born on March 18, 1979, Born in Los Angeles, California, California, parents are German, American pop men singer, guitarist, lyrics creators. Sao Dang was selected as the world’s most sexy man, although the muscles were not developed, but on the mv and the stage, people repeatedly remembered him.

“Song changed in life” Sao Dang played a male second, and sang the theme song “Lost Starts”. If you are fortunate to go to New York, please listen to this song on the road:

“Lost stars, I beg you not to just care about that kind of dreams and fantasy, I tried to touch the distant people.” At the time, this song won the 87th Oscar Best Orchino Song Award Nominated, since then Dressing the film and tendo circle.

Although I changed a few girlfriends, Adam finally found true love. So, he is married to the Timmy angel “small pumpkin” Beharti Prince, and there is still a baby daughter. I have said that Sao is a lot of flowers, but when I met the small pumpkin, I’ve changed the bigger. The previous Zhang Yang high-profile all converges, and I will intend to operate with small pumpkins. He said: “I once stayed in time. I think I am a non-married molecule, but when happiness is knocking, telling you ‘It’s time’, everything happened.”

New soul rock, Tianma line MV

Magic red is getting farther on the road of rock, although they only have fewed albums, but every one is striving for excellence. The first half of the name of Magic Red This is MAROON’s pronunciation and magic. The red word is more paying attention to, representing the wild charm, mystery, enthusiasm, unrestrained, dear, and then incorporates rock and roll, the soul melody and the loop rhythm, so the wild new soul is combined with metal rock, injecting the popular songs A new color – red. This style is never seen before the rock music scene, known as “the first rock band of new soul music”.

In addition, the magic red MV is ideal. In the hottest “sugar”, the magic red went to the wedding scene “Sweet Fair”. Every pair of new people in MV are a unbelievable expression, wedding is like a small concert site. In 2016, “DonWanna Know” in 2016 is very fresh, MV is the theme of Pokémon, the story has a cheerful but helpless feeling, reflecting every life of people who are hard to fight in the city. There is also a recent release “Girls Like You”, Magic Red is a 27 stars such as Kami, Jennifer Lopez, Gaier – Add 5, and finally the wife’s small pumpkin is more sweet. In the bones.

Founded in 1994, in 2018, I laughed in the super bowl. When the child, the young teenager is now transformed into mature men, and the scenery is unlimited is insisting and persistent. In addition to the melodies of the people, their music is unparalleled. Now, Magic Red This is known as the rock of the new soul will stand on the stage of the super bowl of midfield, and create a shocking world with alternative rock.

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