Steel people say Brown trading chips cannot be lower than the expected factors or become the biggest obstacle

Antonio – Brown is undoubtedly one of the most focused players in the 2019 break. This Pittsburgh Steelman’s star took over with the boss Atte Rooney on February 20th, after the exchange of his own opinion, it was determined Transaction Brown. On the 21st, Kevin Collbert, General Manager of Steelman, said that it would not give Bell to the privilege, Brown is also within the plan of the transaction, but it is worth noting that Cobert emphasizes that the steel man is to trade Brown is not fake, but other teams don’t come to “fire” at this time. “

The first is also the most important point, the steel people will not make their situation worse for the deal of Brown: “We will never carry out transactions that are not conducive to Pittsburgh, or any other behavior.” Colebert said. In addition, Cobert also said Brown couldn’t decide where he wanted. This team said. Obviously, due to competition, the following teams will not have the following teams in the list of steel people: Cincinnati Mason, Cleveland Brown and Baltimore Crow, because of the same beauty in the same beauty as the steel man, so Steel people will not let Brown join these teams, two “revenge” twice a year. In addition, the new England patriots are also very likely because it is a superb bowl of Midclo directly competitors, nor does it open the trading window.

In addition, all teams have the opportunity to get Brown in a suitable price. However, like a patriot once 4 rounds, you will change the things like Handidi – Moss, can’t happen in the steel man, Brown is impossible to “discount”, other teams don’t want to “robbery”. Collbert said that the current Steel people did not have formal discussions on the transaction Brown: “As we have published a statement, we will talk about this problem, as well as the chips of the transaction.”

Collbert also said that the price of steel people will not be too low, and the price is appropriate. The team will definitely sell the league top-level external connections in the price of “lower than expected”. In other words, maybe a team thinks that the steel man is now eager to sell Brown, so consider using a three-round cabbage price to take him, but the three-wheeled signed in the steel man fundamentally, the team is not in a hurry Don’t consider triad signs.

There is no doubt that the steel people are eager to get the first roundabout, but 49 people like San Francisco, the New York Jet is signed by the first round, the first round of the first round, a 31-year-old plus, but The team hand like Auckland raids three first round signs to choose from. At the same time, the second round of the 49 people is also very boring, or the steel people will also accept. Brown has been the trouble of steel people, and in this course, it is stupid (alliance is investigating Brown’s violence), his personality and instability underground are likely to cause a decline in trading chips. NFL NetWork reporter Tom – Perrison Delo said that many people in the Alliance have regarded him as “bad assets” due to Brown’s age and recent behavior of social media.

If you think that Brand is a few words in social media, there are some words to make a view of him. In fact, this is not exaggerated. The NBC Sports Channel reporter Peter wrote a few days ago. He knew there was a pair. Brown is interested in the team, but this team was “scared ran” with the most recent one of Brown, and his image in front of him.

Antonio – Brown is very likely to be traded, but who is deal, the chips are, and these are still doubt. But at least, we know that the steel man is attitude towards the transaction Brown, those fans who have joined their hands with the patriot may be disappointed.

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