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National Sports General Administration issued “14th Five-Year” Sports Development Plan ”

On October 26, the State Sports General Administration issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “planning”).”Planning” summarizes the achievements of my country’s sports in China, and the system planned the development of my country’s sports in China, and the development of my country’s sports in China has been fully deployed.It is reported that “planning” presents four characteristics: first is more comprehensive, followed by clearer, third is more specific, and fourth is more effective.(Please click on the second article)

Domestic hot policy


Ministry of Education: “Double Reduction” is also driving “double”

On October 27, the Ministry of Education held a press conference and invited a number of relevant departments to introduce children’s adolescent myopia prevention and control. Wang Dengfeng, director of the joint meeting of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, said that in addition to the healthy growth of young people, the Ministry of Education is still promoting “double increase” “. First of all, after alleviating the undergraduate burdens, the time and opportunity to participate in outdoor activities, physical exercise, art activities, and labor activities will be added; secondly, they are listed as non-discipline training in proceedings in proceedings of school training institutions. Students will have greatly increased the time of sports and beauty training.


Zhejiang Province held a sports conference – to create a “common wealth” sports demonstration

On October 26, Zhejiang Sports Work Conference was held in Hangzhou. The meeting was in-depth study and implementing the spirit of the general discussion of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping. Recalling that the development of the Sports industry in Zhejiang Province is summed up, the research and analysis of the new development stage of the province’s sports work target task, and promotes the implementation of various sports. Yuan Jiajun, secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, attended the meeting and speaking. Provincial Party Deputy Secretary and Wang Hao, the provincial government, presided over the meeting. Before the meeting, the Zhejiang Olympic Games Gaffer Ceremony, and Yuan Jiajun attended and speaking. Wang Hao was opened to the recognition decision.

physical education


Ministry of Education: After “double reduction”, physical education teachers seriously, explore retired athletes part-time

Jiang Qingguo, deputy director of the Adolescent Sports Division of the Sports General Administration, said: In the context of “double reduction”, sports social attention is increasing, and the enthusiasm of young people participating in physical exercise is constantly improving. The party group of the State Administration attaches great importance to this work, more Supreme Meeting, study this work. The next step in the Sports General Administration will carry out from several aspects: First, we still have to follow the educational concept of “health first” and deepen the implementation of relevant documents that have been integrated with good teaching; Second, we will continue to improve the adolescents; In the context of double reduction, we explore the practice of excellent retired athletes to school part-time sports teachers; fourth is to promote the social sports club into the campus in the context of “double reduction”.


National Youth Scientific Fitness Guidance Popping into Chongqing

“Run Bar · Juvenile” Children’s Youth Theme Fitness Activities and 2021 National Youth Scientific Fitness Guidance (Chongqing Station) Received Shapingba Primary School in Chongqing. This event was guided by the State Sports General Administration, the technical support of the State Sports General Administration Institute, hosted by the Chongqing Sports Bureau, the Shapingba District Sports Bureau, and the District Education Committee jointly undertaken. This event revolves around the “popular scientific fitness knowledge, promotes youth physical health” theme, organized relevant experts to carry out various forms of adolescents, gradually form and continuously improve the long-term mechanism of adolescent physical health intervention, and effectively improve the scientific fitness of youth Literacy and physical health level.

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Zhangjiakou launched “10,000 students on ice and snow” activities

Zhangjiakou City, the 5th “10,000 students on the ice and snow” event started on October 24th. Hundreds of students from Zhangjiakou City and primary schools participated in ski training activities under the guidance of professional ski coaches. This event will continue throughout the snow season, organize more than 10,000 primary and secondary school students to take a ski resort, skating rink, personally experience the fun of ice and snow, learn the scientific standard of ice and snow skills.

Good value – domestic


GuoTin announcement World Table Tennis competition lineup Ma Long Xi Liu Liu Shiwen Absent

According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), China Table Tennis Association announced the list of table tennis competitions in the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships. Fan Zhendong, Chen Meng, Sun Yizha, Wang Mun, who won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Wang Mun, and the four players will play with a double. In addition, Sun Yousha, Wang Mang, will also have a mix of Wang Chuxin and Lin Gaoyuan.

Specific lineup is:

Men’s singles: Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingming, Wang Chuxin, Lin Gaoyuan, Zhou Qihao

Male double: Fan Zhendong / Wang Chuxin, Lin Gaoyuan / Liang Jingkun

Women’s singles: Chen Meng, Sun Yizha, Wang Mang, Chen Xing, Wang Yidi

Female Double: Sun Yingsha / Wang Men, Chen Meng / Qian Tianyi

Mixed double: Wang Chuxin / Sun Yusha, Lin Gaoyuan / Wang Mang

Ma Long, Xu Wei, Liu Shiwen will absent this World Table Tennis competition, depending on that the three people are active and do not participate.


The new season China Chao League will continue to use a latest breaking news in india today in hindi closed match in November.

On October 25, the reporter learned from the 2021-2024 China Volleyball Super League Official Strategic Partner Press Conference, the new season Chao League will kick off in November and will continue to use the closed closure. At the same time, the China Volleyball Association announced that Hua Group Co., Ltd. became the official operator of the League, China Mobile Mi Mi became the official replay of the league. It is understood that the Chinese Volleyball Super League will open in Guangdong Jiangmen in November. In the context of the epidemic prevention and control, the league will continue to be closed, the form of the meeting system is carried out, male, female row league total time span 5 Month.

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China Gymnastics Team Hao 5 Gold Close Near 9 World Championships Best Review

Just 50th World best news website in india Gymnastics Championships ended in Northern Japan: In the competition of 12 projects, the Chinese team ranked by the first team with 5 gold 1 silver 2 copper, creating nearly 9 The best record in the World Championships. The young players represented by Hu Xuwei, Zhang Boheng, have gradually provoked Chinese gymnastics girlfridges.

Good value – abroad


British media: Beckham will become a 150 million billion pounds in the 10th year of the Katar World Cup

According to the British media such as “Sun Daily”, 46-year-old Bakerham will sign with Qatar, becoming the country’s image ambassador, and also the image ambassador of the Qatar World Cup. It is reported that Beckham will sign for 10 years, 15M pounds per year, with a total value of 15 billion pounds! A spokesperson of Beckham said: “Now there is still a year from the hindu news today World Cup, David will join the more wide football community for 2022 World Cup, he is looking forward to this World Cup, he thinks this will be a one Great event. ”


Corfelt is served as Wolfsburg master coach

Decomposed on the 26th, the Del Phili Walfsburg Club announced that Corfort was a team’s head coach, and the two sides were signed to 2023. The 39-year-old Kellet started from October 2017, starting the main coach of the Bremen Club to May 16 this year. He was dismissed because of his last round of the last season. Colfute will lead Wolfsburg training on the 28th, and the command team will challenge Leverkusen’s Bundesliga competition on the 30th.

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The first three doubles of the Qi Shao New season were expelled

Beijing time October 28th news, in a new NBA regular season, the Lakers were in the most leading 26 points of the Thunder. This vision is less than the old Dong family, and the audience contributes 20 points and 14 rebounds 13 assists, which is the first three pairs of the Lakers. But at the same time, he also had 10 mistakes, gorgeous three pairs of shaking into four pairs, and his last moment, who lost rational, and the second technical foul was expelled.

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Barcelona official Kaiman get out of class! Tutao only a year and a half, 11, 11 flat, 16

Netease Sports reported on October 28: In the 11th Raytrai League in the early hours of the morning, Barcelona 0-1 is lost from the promotion of the Boat Mablino. Then the Barcelona club officially announced that the coach Ronald Kanman officially undergraduate. Barcelona Club official website released an announcement: “Caman is lifted by the Barcelona team. After the team lost to Palcano, Barcelona Parbar Parga informs Caman’s decision. Camman will come on Thursday The training base and the whole team say goodbye. Barcelona Club thank him for the contribution to the club and wish him all the best in the future career. ”

Sports industry


“New Stage · New Opportunities · New Dynamic” 2021 World Event Famous City Development Conference and Chengdu Sports Industry Conference is about to be held

2021 World Event Famous City Development Conference and Chengdu Sports Industry Assembly (hereinafter referred to as “World Event Mall Development Conference”) will be held in Chengdu on October 28, 2021, this summit is in China hosted by China Sports Industry Federation (Chengdu The opening ceremony of the International Sports Trade and Equipment Expo is held.

According to reports, this conference will be the theme of “new stage, new opportunities, new kinetic energy” aimed at high-level promotion of Chengdu Universiade preparation, high-quality promotion of Chengdu sports industry development, high standards promotion of the construction of the world event, exploring existing area The specialty of the world’s development of the world’s world event is the road to the development of the national sports industry development and major sports events, and explore new paths and condense new strength.


Beijing Winter Olympics Welcomes a hundred days, Anta works with Dong Olympics to release official uniform equipment

On October 27th, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics countdown to 100 days, “Shuang Olympic City” Beijing in advance the world’s eyes in advance. At the first steel of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, the first steel three high furnace, China Sporting Goods Industry Leadership – Anta officially released Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabling Uniform Equipment.

Winter Olympics


2022 Beijing Winter Olympics VISA team China athlete list announced, Gu Ailling and other four people

On October 27th, the Olympic Global Partner VISA announced the list of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics, the Olympic Global Partner VISA, the List of China Athletes, Women’s Freestyle Skiers Gu Ling, China Double Skating Athlete Chen Wenjing and Han Cong, China Single Platener Jijia 4 people were selected. As part of the plan, VISA is committed to entry into the “team” team of “VISA team” achieved good results during this Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled.


Central Radio and Television CCTV Olympic Channel and its digital platform officially launched online

On October 25th, Beijing time October 25, at 16 o’clock, the CCTV CCTV Olympic Channel (CCTV-16) and its digital platform were officially launched. According to the official introduction, the Olympic channel is the results of the Strategic Cooperation of the Central Radio and Television Truth and the International Olympic Committee.

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State Sports General Administration: 480 Chinese athletes sprint Beijing Winter Olympics strive for all projects

Li Yingchuan, deputy director of the State Sports, said on the press conference on the 27th. At present, there are 29 ice and snow projects in China. 480 athletes are sprinting the Beijing Winter Olympics and strive to participate in the project.

Li Yingchuan said that Beijing Winter Olympics has strongly promoted the improvement of China’s Ice Snow Sports. In 2015, when Beijing was held in the 2022 Winter Olympics, there were about 1/3 of the project in 109 small items did not carry out. At the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics, the number of Chinese team members accounts for approximately half of the total number of projects.

# 4

Winter Olympics countdown for 100 days, Beijing is ready!

To the future together! This is the topic slogology of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics, and the common voice of the world. In more than 100 days, the global eyes will be focused again, and the passion between China, Olympics will be ignited again in China. When Beijing Winter Olympics main torch ignited, about 1200 torchbearers ran to the dream to dream, run to the future of hope. When the world’s ice and snow, the world is gathered in the Five Ringges, China will honor the solemn commitment to the international community, the world will usher in a “milestone” Olympic event …