Single 5-Daguan +4 records who can end "Cosmic Sheep"

Since the opening of the game, the Los Angeles ram has not been sold to 4 consecutive victories. This is the best start of the team since 2001.During the 2016 season Jeff Fischer, the performance of the ram can be described as reborn; compared to the 2017 season, today’s ram paper strength has absolute improvement, the new era is also completed.After winning Shao En-Mac Wei, the ram happened to change the earth, so that the team before the “rotten mud and helpless wall” has given a “strong bar to turn over to be the master” “Wang Hou will be died”This is the Hall of the Temple, why don’t sit still.

They suddenly broke out for nearly two years, let me think of a past event –

That year, the three-Tibetan Master route the mainland, unveiled the French post on the five parties. One time lascame, the wild monkeys of the wind meal shouted, seeking the day.

Since then, someone else is still holding this monkey.

In the face of the champion, Minnesota Viking, Jarid Goufu fell to brush brush brush and throw it out of the five remembrances, helping the team ushered in four consecutive victories in 38-31. On the issue of helping Gaoff brush data, the male wool regardless of the main force or the substitute, it has been highly consistent, and the offensive front line three army is used, and the outside will open the exterior, the whole team is full of respect for “father”. Filial piety and loyalty. When I thought of just joined the malls, the Gaoff as a new show will give him a few copying indicators, indicators, and automatic forgiveness.

After more than a year of tempering, this year’s Gaoff is more terrible, tearing the label of the attacking team at the attacking group last year, and grows into a thigh. Today, I won 255 yards 4 in the Gaoff 17, I won the ball to reach the ball, so that he has become a 250 yard from the first half of the first half. The player of the array; half a semi-finals chased the 1999 Cott-Warner’s team history; the first half of the career won 4 Dali; since 1997 Brreter, the second contrast Viking people have passed a 4-reached player.

After the game, I advanced 465 yards in Gaoff 336, and I completed the passing of 3 memory, passing the ball to 158.3 points, let’s take a look at the auction of Gaoff.

· The third place in the Times of the Super Bowl of Times has been completed by at least 30 passes. The remaining two are 2000 C?te works – Warner and 1986 Ken – Oblan.

· 5 times to chase the team history records left by C?te d’Ivoh – Warner 1999.

· 456 yards passed the ranked ranks third.

· NFL history The first three consecutive games completed 350 yards and hit a player at 75%.

It turns out that as long as you don’t eat flying vinegar, you can train the tacit understanding of “brothers, this ball, I understand you” instantly. This feeling we have seen between Braddy, Edelman and Dalong. A few beautiful scenery of this game will play with the beautiful scenery of the opponent’s hammer. 3 external hands are on the 100 yards, and Galley continues to maintain the impact of the regular season MVP, and even McGei Mako, I want to play. Twisted a big song.

For Viking people, their performance today makes the old driver very messy. On the one hand, the offensive firepower has opened a haze of the game, nor does it meet their consistent historical style; on the other hand, their defensive has long been gone, the first shadow of the first few seasons, for a time, my thinking chaos I don’t know Matt – Dammon is a soldier Ruien or waiting for the rescue in Mars. The style is very clear. If it is not a few times of Cork Coss, I don’t know what year in this year.

In fact, I want to write a letter.

It has enough courage to fight against the raft, praise the offensive group, facing the universe sheep, the strong defensive group can get 440 yards, watch the Coke Coss, a sweeping game, the game is smashed. 3 Dalgate, Founded Adam – Belon was in a hurry after being forced to accept the brain and shocked, but now these words can not be exported. Because such a team waiting for the defensive group Phoenix Nirvana, an offense only relied on a legs that completely gave up the team’s team, under the powerful strength and a variety of bizarre factors, only a bunch of fluffs .

In the end, these fluffs also landed.

Therefore, the second half of the Viking people gains to fight into two points to reduce the score to 3 points is just the mortal unnecessary struggle.

All the pavés before the old man, all the opportunities for the shelf for the shellfish defensive group, in order to let us see the highest demon demon tissue shelter – Alon Donald continuously Give the Couscus pressure, the new show Josh-Franklin-Meyes broke through the pocket, stretched out of the right hand, incredible, unimaginable manufacturing examin, ended in this way.

The entire game, the Viking Fighting Group almost always collapsed, and released 557 yards. They used to play the mouse, the ball came to give him a hammer; on the scene, they found that they were a mouse, as long as a deck, sometimes the opponent gave him a hammer, sometimes teammates gave themselves. In many mice, only the only state online only has the defensive end of Daniel Hunter, and he covered the only slam killing of the team, dragging the huge body to catch up with Galli, straight to avoid reselling, repeated help Team stop bleeding. However, his teammates left to the ram of the ram, and everyone sitting in the backfield, eating the Buddha, every point in the abilities, so that the defense image is more fluid.

To say the player of the most car, it is also necessary to dig 卫 安 东 – Bal. His station is completely scattered by McDerace, coupled with teammates and communicate, in this case, once again, I open the door outside the ram. According to statistics, the audience, three times, Dhabar, is the most recent defensive player from the ram, which is 8 yards of Galley (1.71 yards), Cooper-Kupa (2.36 ym) 70 The 31 code of the code arrays and Robert – Woods (0.98 yards), the crash on this side of Balli is repeatedly tried.

The attack group is strong, the defensive group is fierce, this year we have experienced three times “This special is that the system bonteic players are really unresstances, our ordinary people do their best, don’t look at the dust, the mother, I don’t want to see the feeling, I don’t want to go home.” The first time I was a 6-glass beads, the second time I saw the mistake of Carrius against the Hua Hummer, and the third time I met this ram.

Ok, after all, “he is strong, he is strong, Laozi’s sheep”, the next, who comes? Who will end my winning victory?

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