Signing the Chicago Bear Two season Japan pitcher is the first victory in the home

After two seasons, the 14th home https://www.mlbtrojerse.comof the July season, the Chicago Cobs, the Tribo, Dabi, finally won the first win of the Rigli Stadium today.

“This is great,” Dabi repair has led the bear today to defeat the Cincinnati Cincinnatan. “The first time I won in the Rigli Stadium. I have been waiting for a long time.”

In February 2018, it has reached a big contract with Chicago bear. The first winning marker has reached a small milestone, and the bears hope that he is in the playoffs this year. Have a contribution.

Most of last year, reached a list of injured soldiers last year, and the 2019 season has been slow. After the all-star weekend, the slow Darby truly retrieved the truly king skills when I used to Trushes.

Sixth, Dabi is repaired in the 6th game of the Pizburg Pirates. Today, he once again six games again. This time he only knocked out two anaba.

Throughout these two games, Dobi has never been a straightforward control after coming to the bear, and his curling is also compressed.

“It is very uncomfortable for the player,” said the Bear Anthony-Rizuo received an interview after the game. “Dabi repair is too good today. Even if there is a sporadic, it is a sporadic person, and now Demai has gradually retrieved himself. He is firm to shoot, and he will be more and more comfortable. “

Dabi trimming said that the body is very good this season, but from time to time, it is still painful when I sprouting the ball, now he has adjusted the perspective and pitching mechanism, everything feels very good.

In today’s competition, Dabi has a first ball with a good ball rate of 82%, which is the second high in his career. When the number of balls is a good ball, there is only one place in 14 pigs, and swallowed 5th.

“Before the ball, it will be adjusted by a little more time, but recently, his status is really good,” The Bear Coach Joe-Madden said. “I think he is thinking about the ball with the ball between the next goal. Now he is so good.”