September 12 (Wen / ESPN Dan Mullen) / Barnio) A home running season in 2019. On September 12, Beijing time, Baltimo Golden Almighty on the Los Angeles Dodge game, Dodge Wrong Pitcher Kellerb-Ferguson, Jonathan Villar, Time-speed 93 Mai’s speed ball, Viar caught the opportunity to strike, and slammed the home running of the left.This ball became a microcosm of the home running crazy in the MLB Grand Alliance in the 2019 season, which is the first small step of Viar’s personal, but it is a large number of MLB’s long history. Steps, the MLB Great League Single season’s home run historical record will change this.The 6105 self-recorded record of the 2017 season has become the past, Viar hosted the 6106th horn in the MLB Grand Alliance in the 2019 season, this refreshing the MLB single game season home base record, and with the regular Continue, this record will definitely reach an amazing figure.After the Kingyan 7-3 defeated the Dodge, the MLB Grand Union inforiate, his gameball bat will be recovered in the celebrity hall, as a new home run record. For Jonathan Vial, he never thought that he had such a great milestone.”This is not what happens every day. This will happen. I am very excited now, because this is very important to me, my ball will enter the celebrity Hall. This is the great glory of my career This is really incredible. “Vial said. Since the season, the player went out of the 145 games, and the hits reached 0.277. This is also the first single season’s home run since the 7 seasons.This great home base is the result of all teams in the MLB Great League. Since this season, there have been 5 teams – Dodge, Shuangcheng, Yangji, priest, space people create and continue writing a team of team history, and 11 teams are the history of the team. The record is only one step.In the 2017 season, a total of 17 teams have a single game for 200 strokes; this season, there have been 18 teams to knock out of 200th runners, according to the 2019 in average 2.8 projector The efficiency of playing is analyzed. At the end of the season, there will be 23 teams of the above-in-law reaching 200 issues.Now Minnesota Shuangcheng and New York Yangquad team have broken the original MLB historical single team single season’s home running record (267 Sales of 2017, the 267 Battle Players hit), two

teams are expected to write a next A new record that is difficult to enter.

After the opening of this season, the Seattle Sailor team knocked out the homer in 20 consecutive games, which entered the homework in the MLB team’s self-sufficiency; Since then, New York Squad team has been 31 consecutive games in the season. Knocking out the homer, this also created MLB’s livestorm to record; in August, New York Yangji team a single month, 74 projectors, refreshed the MLB single team single month’s home base Record.

Super New Xitot – Alonso and Jorge Soler have become the owner of the single stroke record in their respective teams. Alonso has already knocked out 47 strokes, and also created a rookie record of the National Association, and the rookie of Alon Jiaqi’s MLB Grand Alliance in the year was a record (52) only one step; Erch – Soller has already slammed 43 of the 5th game, and became the first player of the Royal History of Kansas City.

As Alonso, Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger, Eugenio Suarez, Solar, etc. 50 homes play. In addition, the personal home base of MLB is recorded and the total number of homes is also refreshed once.

It can be said that in the 2019 season, all the home base you can think of is all refreshed. Obviously, MLB entered a new era, one of the ages that let the baseball fly for a while.