Selected football preliminaries, war analysis, travel prediction, score prediction, Italy VS Switzerland:Indian news

001: Italy VS Switzerland

Both teams are defensive teams, they will make hand again, I believe that the style will not have too big changes, this round of two teams are directly dialogue, this game is the first battle of the group, directly related to the opportunity, two The team will never train offensive, they may be defensive first, patiently look for opportunities, and then hit it; the Italy at home can look high.

Win; 2-1 / 2-0

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004: Uruguay VS Argentina

Uruguay’s three World Cups in Uruguay have advanced to the phase of the knockout. With Suduth and Cavani’s old, Uruguay has still declined in attack, and the teenager Nuns is still slightly tender. Under the leadership of Shao Shurani, Argentina has gradually completed the new and old alternation; this is very bright.

Negative; 1-2 / 0-2

005: US VS Mexico

In the last 4 times of the two sides, Mexico is still unbeaten, but the recent Kits Football Kitsconfrontation is only a flat game. Now the difference between the two parties is not big. Even if Mexico is only the same points, considering the recent conversation, not excluding The two sides will hit the deceived ball, the Asian institutions make a hands-on data, the team is super low water to low water, this may wish to optimize the invincible of Mexico.

Let the negative; 1-1 / 0-1

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