Seattle’s strongest second-line combination of the History of the Bombing Army

Seattle Hawks’ “Boom Arms” has become past, Richard-Shelman, Camner-Quele, Earr-Thomas, the three-person defensive second-line Weihe earth, no one can enemies. But the beautiful story is over 2018, and the contradiction between the player and the team makes all differentiations. Sherman was cut into 49 people, while slamming the sea eagle lost himself; Earl Thomas fractured in the game last weekend, but also did not forget the team to erect the team; He is because he is familiar with the injury.

Although the ending cannot be gathered, we cannot deny that the Hawks of the Hawks of the Bombing Army have unparalleled defensive, these three players have made the “bombing army” have become the greatest defense in NFL in the past few decades. Combination. From 2011 to 2017, the “Boom Army” appeared in 81 games. There is almost no other three-person player in history, when Shelman, Qian Slele, Thomas is present, they It can always suppress the score of the opponent to the lowest. In these seven years, the “Boom Procedure” only allows the Hawie to lose a game with more than 7 points. Maybe some people will question the greatness of the “Boom Army” But when we took out some legendary second-line combinations and comparisons in the past 40 years, it can understand how great “bombards”.

1, number of appearances

Sherman, Qiansel, Thomas three-year-in the second-line combination was 81 times, which was one of the largest combinations from the 1978 NFL alliance to determine 16 regular seasons. Prior to this, only the second-line combination of the Kansas City Emirates in 1984 and 1991 – Delong-Trui, Albert-Lewis, Kevin Rose, three people played 82 games. Between 1996 and 2003, Philadelphie Eagle’s second-line combination – Troy Vincent, Brian – Daokins, Bobby Taylor also played 81 games; The second-line combination of Taylor, Len Clark, has been a 79 game for the Pittsburgh Stebcom first during 2006-2006 to 2013. Throughout the history, like these great characters, there is no exception to contribute almost all careers for a team. Therefore, it is a very important prerequisite for achieving achievement – the time is the great real standard.

2, the number of honors

Earl Thomas, Shelman, Money Three people in 2011 to 2017, a total of 14 all-star career bowls, 6 seasons, the best first lineup. This has a two-line combination that has the most honorable two-line combination since the accurate data record. In contrast, the Emirates of Emirates, Albert – Lewis, Kevin Rose, a total of 11 all-star career bowls, 5 best first lineup; and the eagle mentioned above The number of occupational bowls of the steel person’s second-line triple group is 9 times, 7 times, the best first lineup is 3 times. The honor is the recognition of strength, and compared with these long-lasting historical legend, the “bombing army” seems to have nothing.

3, copy

CD is the most basic data to determine the second-line defensive second-line. The second-line combination of the above-mentioned Aiiff between 1984 and 1991 has completed 96 cases, which looks very amazing, but this is more from NFL from the 1980s. The reason why the overall carduncing is high; and the “bombing army” completed 64 copies in 2011 to 2017, in fact, “Boom Army” is the higher efficiency. Between 2011 and 2017, Richard-Shelman completed a total of 32 copies. It is the largest player from 2011 to 2017, while Shelman, Thomas, Quelel’s 7 years This combination has always maintained the position of the NFL before the NFL. In the second-line combination of the chief, even the most copied Deron-Cheri can also rank the first alliance in Sherman, and the total card is not as long as the “Boom Process”. Top three.

These simple data are enough to show the greatness of the “Boom Procedural”, and may no longer have a combination similar to the “Bang Legion”. In NFL, players can guarantee that such long-lasting health is very difficult, but also keep the top competitive level for a long time, and the most difficult, it is to unite these great players and let them shake The time is so long. Fortunately, we just witnessed the times of the “Boom Army”.


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