Sea Eagle takes over the B plan exposure! Signaling Gordon aims to Brown

November 4 (Wen / ESPN Adam Schefter Compile / Love) Seattle Hawks have just won a tough victory, and they have experienced a lot of scenes this season. Their newly signed an external hand Yosh-Gordon can’t instantly contribute to the game, but the timely plug-in position is reinforced or able to let the old handsome pert-Carroll relax. However, it is said that if the Haiying team has not been able to get Gordon, their next goal is actually currently unable to play Antonio-Brown (Antonio Brown)!

According to sources, the well-known reporter Adam-Shev specially said that Even the Haiying’s star quarter walhers, Wilsell Wilson, also promised that the team can sign Brown. However, after the Haiying team wished to Gordon, Brown – the front patriots teammates who goden had to continue to find other jobs.

However, Brown’s broker Drew Rosenhaus said that several teams were very interested in Brown, and they would like to sign Brown after the end of the matter. Rosenhas refers to the “Total Things” refers to the survey of the multi-invasive effects of Brown; and the NFL Alliance has not made a punishment for Brown on these allegations.

So before the signed Brown, some teams of NFL seem to be waiting for the alliance investigation and punishment. The current investigation is still continuing, Brown is also waiting for employment opportunities. However, the Haiying team signed Gordon does not mean that they have closed the door for Brown. Once the survey ends, they will be one of the first batch of teams that have chased the chasing of Brown.

But at least now, the Haiying team gave Gordon a chance. On Friday, Haiying team coach Carol said Gordon is a “special genius”. He said that Gordon is the true “big external” and praise it to truly pull the space. In the first 6 games, Gordon completed 20 batches in the Patriots, pushed 287 yards, and brought the ball to score.

As for Brown, it is really difficult to have a team before investigation. After all, no one wants to sign a player who may be included in the exemption from the alliance and stops unknown. The Hawksmanship can take this big risk, which does not explain that their demand for external work is to ask for a thirst; they have a regular mvp level four-point guard, and naturally hope this year can not only fight a regular season. MVP.