Saiyang pitcher Xie Zer’s back soreness injury retreats from the small alliance

The MLB National District team Washington National announced this morning today that the team ace pitcher Marx-Xie Zer was placed in the injury list, because Xie Zer’s back is not suitable.

It is reported that the national make this move is on
July 11th, so he should return to the team 21 on the 21st. Xie Zer is a soreness in the middle of July 7th.

Nuclear magnetic resonance showed that Xie Zel did not have a big problem. The 3rd Celeron’s winner originally put him next time, from Sunday to Tuesday, but before the game, he felt discomfort in the cowshed, the national is immediate Take actions to place him into the list of injured soldiers.

In the 9th frontal competition before the all-star weekend, Xie Zer took the proud 7 wins and 0 losses, and the self-sharing rate was an incredible 0.84. This week he exited all star games due to poor physical condition.

Xie Zer is not very lucky in this season. When the back is inadequate, the ball has been moved to the face by the ball to cause eye congestion.

In order to fill the position of Xie Zel, the nationals dispatched
to the 3A Level League Capture Stephar Colber. He had a grandfather in the big alliance, he graduated from the NCAA famous school Clemsen University. The strike triple surrounding the big alliance is .232 / .326 / .646.