Red Sos Kingsler Moran will fight World Contest: We will make up the previous heart to make up back

October 22: When Boston’s red socks, the defending champion Houston spaceman, with a total score 4-1 into the world contest, two old people in the red socks Ian-Kesler with Mickey-Mola For a long time, the eyes are full of unlimited emotions.

Their thoughts seem to have returned to 7 years ago, when they were also teammates, while playing at the Texas ride.

Jinsler and Morade were respectful as teammates 7 years ago.

Jinsler and Morade were respectful as teammates 7 years ago.

As a teammate, a teammate, a good partner of the wilderness, the two helped the cavalry in 2010 with 2011 in 2011 for two consecutive years. If the total score of 2010 is 1-4 to the San Francisco giant is a strong gap leads to paying tuition fees, the failure of 2011 is to let the team hurt the ball. The rider is so close to the World Competition, and it is possible to pay more attention to it.

However, reality has opened a huge joke with them. In the total score of 3-2 leading Shenglu, the 6th game ends 7-4 leading, they lost 3 points in 8.9 two games, especially 9 The second half of the season is unusually stable, the end of the Tari-Fritz lost 2 points, the rescue failed. The prolonged competition 10 bureau has received 2 points, but the 10 bureau is half the red spot again, and finally, in the next half of the 11th Bureau, in the next half of David-Fris, the game, drag the game to live and die. Chapter 7. In the seventh battle, the tourist soldier can’t stop the morale, and finally looked at the red tones from their hands and almost have been taken into the trophy. The cracked ducks fly away, and the rickets also got the title of “not dead bird”.

As the two consecutive years of 20 consecutive years, Jinsler with Moran, their inner heart must be extremely torment and pain. Therefore, when this year, the red stockings once again challenge the World Competition championship, two players conducted communication in the first time, they vowed to be shameful this year, the previous heartbeat will not be able to get into the brain.

The 33-year-old Moran is still a rookie in 2010. Jinsler that is 36 years old this year is just the 5th MLB season. They may not think that after many years, they have already passed the peak of the competitive state, and they can also hit the World Competition again as a teammate.

“I think we must realize this, even if we are so eager to the world contest, I want to win, I still have a very difficult”, Jinsler said, “Dao is a great team, they have the most alliance Luxury walked. Although the fans, the media is talking about all the people who care about the baseball, how high is the performance of the red hose regulatory finals this year. But to the World Competition, this is still a series of 4 winning series, even if we own The home is the advantage, but still can’t have a little one. “

Molan has a good performance in the 2010 World Contest. He served as a rookie, and every game has been in full in 5 games. Especially in the third game, he faced the giant team of Jonathan – Sanchez slammed a home run, and this three-unit cannon also made Molan became the first in the history of MLB in the regular season. In the face of left videos, there is no home run, but the left player in this world is doing this.

Jinsler also has a good performance in the second game of the World Contest in 2011. When the 9th game cavalry 0-1 is behind, he goes to the first base. The whole world knows that he has to happen, but in this case, he still defeated the redquat iron catching, the outer “Mo Lao San”, the arm of Molina , Successfully stolen the second base. In the end, Jinsler has also successfully returned to the home base, helping the sword 2-1 will win.

Although the frustration of the year, Jinsler has difficult to let go of Molan long, but the two are important players who are very dependent on the team. Nowadays, the two have a chance to fight side by side, and strive for new east a world contest trophy, which will let them make more energy. And their opponent Los Angeles Dodge is also two consecutive years to enter the world contest. At the end, they will stage the script that will be sad in the Royal Kansas City, or the drama of Dezhou Tour Cavalry for two consecutive years, will be seen soon.