Pony 45-30 defeat the jet Taylor 200 yards + 2 reachaes, Mike

On November 5th, Beijing time, NEFR regular season, on Thursday night, the New York jet went to the vast team of Indianapolis challenge the pilot. This game jet main force quartz Wei Mike White injured, replaces Johnson’s death. The score is not as close as we see, and the jet score is more gadfish time after the pony leads 32 points. The pony runs the Taylor running with 200 yards and two to help the pony 45-30 to defeat the jet.

Game review

After the pony is to prevent the first wave of jet, the road surface of Jonathan-Taylor is continuously advanced. Before the end area, the pony replaced the Run Nisim-Haynes, Haynes relied on the high-quality opening of the offensive front line, rushing out of the 34 yards in the left, score 7-0.

The jet second attack equalizes the score, they first overcome 3 gear 10, this wave of offensive leaned against Mike White passed, two long biography this year’s new show, the second completed the wonderful 19 The code is running, the jet rapidly equalizes the score, 7-7.

The little horse relies on the road to attack the water, which also helps Wenz alleviate the ball pressure. The team’s second is almost the same as the first one, but the running guard is replaced with Taylor, Taylor wounds around the left, completes 20 yards of the squad to reach, score 14-7.

The jet appears in the middle of the midfield, and the pony launches counterattack. In this wave of attack, the pony has three times, but the ball is grabbed by a small horse. After the end of the end area, the 4th file was successfully hit, Wenz put the ball to the close to the near-end Trodules Duir completed the reachaes, score 21-7.

The jet is the first four-point guards, replace the Johnson debut, he brought the close-up of the long-term connection to the red zone, kick the ball Habut – Oman Dora 33 yards Free kick, score 21-10.

Before the end of the first half, left to the small horse less than 2 minutes, Wenz looked outside Michael Pitman completed a wonderful array, score 28-10.

After the pony failed in front of the front four gear, the pony failed, and quickly got the ball. Wenz is easy to connect to the player Danny Pitt in the red area, complete the pass to the ball, and the score came to 35-10.

In the third section, the small horses a full-scale offense ended the game suspense. Run Taylor’s 22 yards in this part, directly open all defensive players to complete the 78-code ball reach, score 42-10.

In the third section, the jet is connected by Johnson Passing Ilija – Moore to complete the reach, but the two points have not been formed, score 42-16.

At the beginning of the fourth game, Johnson once again came out again. This time, Griffin is found, the score is chased to 42-23. Then, the child’s hideline is a free kick, 45-23.

At the end of the game, the Johnson wired TY-Johnson, the latter gave rid of the crowd, and the tweezers completed the 22 yards, and the score came to 45-30.

Player data

Pony: Quad-Swan Wenz 30-pass 22 pushed 272 yards 3 to 3 to 4; Run Taylor 64 yards 1 more

Jet: Quad Shui Shite 11 pass 7 pushes 95 yards 1 Daliang