Pingdu Olympic Sports Center Stadium Some venues are expected to be open in December! Swimming pool, basketball hall, badminton hall, table tennis hall … internal scenes come

In August

Attracting a lot of people going to the fitness morning

Other venues of the Olympic Sports Center open

Also become a number of people concerned


Xiaobian learned from the national letter flatness

Some venues of the Olympic Center Stadium

Expected in DecemberOperation of foreign trial operation

The total land area of ??the horizon is 37.321 million square meters (about 559.81 mu), with a total construction area of ??10.06 million square meters, a green area of ??107,700 square meters, a road square area of ??229,200 square meters, a total of 956 parking spaces. Among them, 690 on the ground, 266 underground.

△ Hall front desk renderings

The building area of ??the Olympic Center Stadium is 38,900 square meters; the stadium has a construction area of ??500,300 square meters. In order to make the flattest citizens have a better sports experience,The Olympics Center will be built into a “one-stop sports aircraft in the whole people”, including swimming pool, basketball hall, fitness hall, badminton hall, table tennis hall.

△ Product seating area renderings

△ Corridor renderings

△ badminton hall dress room renderings

It is reported that,

December, the open venue

HaveSwimming pool, basketball hall, badminton hall,

Table tennis hall, stadium

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is set in 1000 scale to meet the requirements of the single international competition.It has a double pool configuration, including an 8-lane-level national lantern and a semi-national labeled training pool.Thermostat in 365 days all year round, the swimming pool is equipped with a multi-media filter to
remove suspenders in water, and adopt advanced ozone disinfection systems to disinfect the pool water to ensure the water quality of the pool.

△ Swimming Training Center Reception Hall

Basketball Hall

6800 viewer seats in the basketball hall, adopt the international basketball standards, can undertake basketball national events, CBA professional league.


The stadium has a construction area of ??38,900 square meters.The football field has 16,000 viewers. The stadium features an international standard four hundred meters of football sites and various functional rooms.The second three four floors have various functional rooms, undertake football, football national events; football, football and other ball occupational league, medium and large concerts, large-scale enterprise employee performances, corporate annual meeting, high-end consumer goods, new product exhibition , City (district) and large sports meeting.

Subsequent open gym

Internal decoration is currently underway


△ Fitness Center Front Desk Render

The gym is about 3,000 square meters, using a line of equipment, divided into VIP private education classroom, rehabilitation classroom, aerobic classroom, strength classroom, bicycle classroom, group class classroom, yoga classroom, etc.

△ Fitness Center Water Bar Area Render

△ Group class classroom renderings

△ oxygen classroom renderings

△ Yoga Establishment

△ Dynamic bicycle classroom renderings

△ Strength classroom renderings

△ private teacher classroom renderings

△ VIP private teacher classroom renderings

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