Participate in parallel! Curricurant 19 watches the same roof 544 points and two super supercomings

Beijing time on November 29th, when Durant bombarded 39 points before Durant, the Curry is now facing the hull, 33 points, and the two seasons are all played in 19 games, and they also boke 544 points, so The average score of the average is 28.6 points, and the first place is ranked, and it is also the battle between the score to become more suspense.

As the core player of the best team in the East and Western performance, Curry and Durant have worked for 3 seasons. The two have helped the Warriors in the finals for three consecutive years, and they win twice, and Durant get Two finals MVP.

Today, Durant and Curry led the basket and the Warriors to lead the things. In the last basket of nets, it will be lost to the sun, and the 39 points of Durant bombarded the gods, but it was difficult to block the fate of the team’s defeat. Nowadays in the library, he is in a rogue, and he is a three-point three points after eating T is anger. The highest collection of alliances.

In this way, Curry and Durant have already played 19 games, both of them have received 544 points, leading the whole league and drove. As in terms of field score, Kuri and Durant are 28.6 points, and it is also a struggle to make a score of the king.

Turli has won the king twice, and Durant once won the king four times, and their goals are not just a winning king, and the regular game MVP is also two popular candidates, and the ultimate goal is naturally a team impact NBA champion.