Parsons announced that they will return to NBA! Life winner! 453 games earned $ 12.7 billion!

Parson, who has finished the child, began to ponder how to get milk powder.

How much did you have more than a year? Many people don’t know if they are well. Recently, Parsons will be moist, this month
is happy! ! !

Not only in the social media, also sent a document: “Half is me & half is you @ 海 里 – Harrison (Parsons unmarried wife)? You are the biggest achievements I have so far, baby daughter. I will love you Rocket forever. Rose Parsons & You will always be a little girl with Dad. “

Later, Parsons didn’t get a family of three, and revealing the new tattoo on his arm, which is a rose pattern and his own daughter.

This is very interesting, Parsons named the daughter Rocket, estimating the shallies of the rest of the rocket period.

I don’t know that Parson is in Houston (the second round of the third round of the second round of the Rockets), and when he is even thought is one of the most potential three digits, it is also a later thing. I know, Parsons addicted in the meat forest in his wine pool, and then pitted a lib class in the days.

This is why fans deliberately ridicule Parsons called Kutan, or his next daughter should call MAVERICK.

Of course, ridicule is returned, after the “quite harvest”, you can find your true love and a lot of gold in your life trip, and it is also a perfect interpretation to the extreme.

Parsons’ unmarried wife Haili – Harrison is engaged in beauty industry, she and Bark front girlfriend Hanna-Harrison is a pair of twins (no chaos


Last November, Parsons officially married to the sea – Harrison proposal, and a woman was prepared today, and it was planned to marry in Mexico next October next year.


In fact, Parson is from the basketball world.

His grandfather Tang Pisen was selected by Knicks in 1950 (at that time, the NBA draft is divided into 12 rounds), but people have chosen the financial industry that has “money”, did not enter NBA;

In 1973 after 23 years, Parsons father Gary. Parson entered the NBA draft, although NCAA had 21 + 11 average data, it did not attract the attention of the scout, and finally selected the insurance industry.

Your product, your details, Parsons’ father ancestore, even if you can’t enter the NBA, you can choose a good sucking industry. The appearance also finally fill the NBA regret to a certain extent of their families.

At first, as a two-wheeled show, Parsons is just a small role in the team to practice grade, when the team is doing defensive adjustments, and Parsons won a first qualification. .

63 games in the rookie season, the averaging contribution of 9.5 points 4.8 plate 2.1 assistance is almost a dream opening;

13-14 season, Parsons created the record of the three-point hit of NBA history in the middle of the NBA history, and the seasons have also come to a new high: 16.6 points 5.5 boards, which also makes many teams start staring at him. .

The final calk team offers him a total of 45 million three-year contract, and the poison of Parsons has also begun to reveal.

At first, Parsons did a bit of two people and even a lot of things, but then he had encountered his knee injury, and he had begun to raise the child.

In the 16 season, he chooses to jump out of the contract, and the Grizzlies will adventure to the 44.8 million SARS contract contract, which has also become the most famous premium contract in history.

The injury is constantly, the body is blessed, the state is sluggish, the wind is soft, and all kinds of ladies net red becomes the predecessor of Parsons, but also let him forget how to play himself;

Today, Parsse has become the winner of the NBA standard, and the 453 game earned $ 127 million. You said that he is a player, I think he is
more like a fraud expert.

Recently Parsons also announced resume training and returning to NBA!

You may ask for a long time, he will go early? But don’t forget, last year, the Shuai has suffered a serious car accident, causing part of the brain damage, the lumbar disc herniation, the lips tears, and is still in rehabilitation, the sings are margin, and the retirement must put it.

Just don’t know, which team is willing to be the next big head.

Anyway, the fans want to see the original ball sharp, people see people love, and spend the flowers. I hope that the rehabilitation is smooth, and I will see it!