Packagers rhetorical thoroughly in Rogers, secretly buy Rogers jersey, put on the street

Tim Boir’s luck is very good. He entered the official list of Green Bay packages with a decision of the new show. He is just a substitute player in the Three years of the University of Connecticut. A total of only one reached 13 copy; after the University of Tour, Boir has an opportunity to close NFL, the University of the ENTA He had a total of 11 times in the year. The packaging workers looked in Boir’s strong arm to the final training camp, and because of the excellent performance of this teenager in the preseason, the packageman decided to use the third quarter of the team to be a team. . At present, Boir is more like a special worshipers, and can watch Rogers playing, training. To know, Boir never thought that one day he could play with Alon Rogers in a team. He didn’t even imagine that one day maybe it can be played on the game. But now Boir has more opportunities, because Rogers may be absent from the injury to the Ming Nicotidian competition, this week Boyer will get more opportunities in training. If Rogers have determined that the packages are not available to Dideen Kase and Boyer, the package is available.