On the 12th MLB point: Daoqi meets the red people to block the road red socks want to ensure the top

Beijing time September 12 Marin fish battle https://www.maillotspascherfr.com metropolis, blue birds red socks, Yangji battle double city, pirate pair of red birds, white socks, the royal, the snake battle Luoky, the rider battle angel, the warrior battle giant, the priest.

The Sai Diancheng, the Red Sox and the United States of America, the United States, the Indians, the United States, and the United States, the United States, the defending champion, the United States, leading the second sports team. The outer card teams of the two far leading the team are Yangji and sports.

The Dangdong District Warriors have a large advantage, leading the second Fisheng people in 5 win. The head name of the China Union and the West District is relatively ups and downs, and the winemaker approaches the bear, rocky, Dodge, and the Snake Three Kingdoms. Plus the red scitch and Philadelphians, the entire KP’s external https://www.trikotskaufenn.com card competition has tended to be hot.

[Houston Space Team – Detroit Tigers]

The space team first pitcher: Fofah Bo-Waldez

Tiger team first pitcher: Jordan – Zimmerman

The Taiwanese defending avenue is bright, won 8 games in the past 9 games, 19 games won 15 games, currently leading the second sports team of the partition. The tiger team has just started a long rebuilt road since the 2017 season and hopes to impact the playoffs in the 2020.

The Tiger team first sent a pitcher Zi Munman (7-6, self-sharing) 7.03) career battle space team 7 2-3, self-sharing rate 3.09, but this season is the first battle space. The Space Strong Dictionary first pitcher Waldez (3-1, self-sharing rate 1.37) is the first time to fight the tiger team. Waldez has dropped at least 4 games in the past four games and throws 1 point.


[Los Angeles Daoqi “

Dodge team first praised: Liu Xianzhen

The Red Strong Team Pitted: Louis Casti

The Dodge team is very balanced against the Warring States Union, and the Rocky is 9 wins and 7 losses. It is 7 wins on the snake snake, and the Warriors are 5 wins and 2 losses, and 3 wins and 4 losses of the small bear. However, the Dodge team’s record of the battle of the battalion of the battle is 2 wins and 4 losses, and the red body is a road to the road in front of the Dodge team. The Dodge team’s record of the battle in the battle is 0 wins 5 losses this season. Today’s competition is also a Wood, who has never lost to the red man, has given the DRR who has never been victory in the Red Squad.

Dodge team first firing is a good show, Liu Xianzhen (4-2, self-blade ratio 2.6) But he only voted in 11 games this https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com season, he will fight the mysterious Casti of the battle, he can At the time of the war, 6.2 bureau zero opponents can also be taken 10 points (7 points for self-responsibility) when the war bear and the priest.

[Washington National Team – Philadelphia Philadelphia]

Since the National Team and the Philadelphia team’s competition is due to the rainfall, it will be a day two games tomorrow. Stadium staff is busy drying the court to reach the status. Philadelphors have been cold as the weather in the last month. Since winning the Marin Fish Series in August, the Philadelphia team has never won a series of war. In the past 31 games, 11 wins and 20 losses, now have five ward behind the parties, and backward The second outer cascade team is also 5 winners.

The home series of Philadelphrons will be the same as the same region. The first game will be https://www.mlbboutique2.com issued first by Jack-Aiya Tower (10-9, the blame rate 3.61), but the Philadelphia team still has a chance to catch up with the warrior. This season, the Philadelphia team’s record of 8 wins and 8 victories of the Fighting countries, got 43 wins and 26 losses at home, and the road is 28 wins and 32 losses. The National Team Ferdy will carry out the 8th time in this season, the second time after the injury is returned. On the game, the battle of the Red Spits 5 games 7 three vibrations 2 guaranteed 4 points without victory. 25-year-old Ferdare’s battle fee city team 2 1-1, self-blade rate 6.55. The Philadelphia team first made a pitcher Aiya Thae’s career for the national team 12, and the self-sharing rate is 5.25.

The second game was taken by the National Team Turner-Roak (8-15, the Score Rate 4.23) against the Tour City https://www.b2bshopp.comPeople’s Team Nick Piti Pita (7-11, the self-vocative rate of 4.66).

[Toronto Blue Birds – Boston Red Socks]

I have already obtained 98 winning red socks, and I can ensure that I can enter the playoffs and can get the first title of the first place in Meidian East, and the reddock team is 12 wins. Negative, 6 wins and 1 loss in the Fenwei Stadium.

The ace first Sel will recover the first, he will be 12-4 this season, the self-sharing rate of 1.97, and there are seven three-in-one in his past 8, more than 10 players. Since the injury is not enough, the CCIRIC hasn’t worried. Tomorrow’s competition will only cast 1-2 bureaus, and then subsequently handed over Iowardi.

Bluebird’s new Shi Ren – Buduki will first gain a victory, and he got a victory in the Battle Indians, but the reddock team was. 415 (17-41).

[New https://www.maillotsenligne.com York Yangji Team-Minnesota Double City Team]

Yang Biece First Pointer: Sunny Gray

Double City First Pointer: Cowshed Day

Yang Biece first pitcher Gray In August 2nd, the 2.2 bureau was hit on the 8, and the round value was killed. After that, I have improved, 6 shots of debut points 1.83, when I was fighting in a certain double day day, I was only hit by 3 security. Gray career double city 6 games 2-3, self-blade rate 5.23. This may be that he has finally been a chance to last this season.

The Double City will enable the cowshed day, Taylor-Dafe will first send 1-2 bureaus as the beginning of the game, his career is 1-0 on the battle of the battlefield 6 times, and the self-sharing rate is 5.54. The original first firman Cole Stuvot is delayed afterwards.