On September 11, Beijing time, the Great League of the United States continued to launch fierce, with a total of 15 games, the specific competition is as follows: https://www.fanbutikk.com Dodge 7-3 Jinyu, sportsman 21-7 space people, Yangji 11-12 Tiger, Warrior 5-6 Philadelphians, red stockings 3-4 blue bird, winemaker 4-3 Marin fish, the snake 2-3 Metropolitan , Piraco 1-2 Rocky, Pirate 4-5 giants, Indians 8-0 Angel, Red 3-4 Sailor, Bear 9-8 priest.Dodge 7-3 JacquardDodge finally won the “Magic Digital”, locked the partition champion in advance, and won the partition champion in the seventh consecutive year, and now you can wait for the coming game.This game, first pitcher Biller contributed a 7.0 game 11 times of three vibrations and uncomfortable excellent performance, and also got the 13th victory. In terms of whaleling, Sigs broke out, 2 security got 5 points, a two-point gun three-point gun, one person lifted the attack banner, helping the Taoism to easily defeat the Jielian.Sports Home https://www.mlbtrikot4.com 21-7 Space ManThe spaceman washed the sailor 20 minutes ago, but today he was attacked by the opponent’s sportswater, but also “debt”.Sportsists are still doing their best to strive for an external card, which not only harvested important victories, but also boosted morale. Olsen and Murphy have 4 points to beat it, and they ran back to 3 points. Ximeian and Davis are 3 points. Sportsists knocked out 25 security, among which 6 of them hit, Olsen and Murphy were twisted.The spaceman first sent a pitcher Milly for the second consecutive “nuclear explosion”, the 0.1 bureau lost 7 points, and the last two games were arrested, lost 12 points, September self-sharing rate 324, was The hit rate. 923 is simply an astronomical figure.Yangji 11-12 tigerYangji is gone to the tiger. This game, Yangji and the https://www.trikotskaufenn.com tiger launched an offensive battle, Yangji used a cowshed pitcher wheel war, perhaps the time to win sufficient rest time for the first pitcher. A total of 8 pitks were sent, but six of them were lost.Yangji’s outer wilder Hand Kardner hit two home runs, Torres, Gregus and Enkanso also brought Yangchun. In terms of tiger, although only Stewart is knocking out a home run, it is a collection of 16 security, and the 3 points of 3 points of 3 points in Canderio 3. The two teams 11-11 entered the second half of the ninth game, and Mesell knocked out the Chinese and foreign wildfish in the case of the second base with runners, got the game.Warrior 5-6 PhiladelphiansThe warriors of the warriors were all difficult to chase the first difficulty of Dodge, and added a bit.The last performance of the Warriors first https://www.trikotskaufenn.com pitcher Fred, the 5.0 game lost 5 points, and he was bombarded to fight, and the 5th defeat of the season was closed. The first bureau Fred was hit hard, Rilemutu and Harper back to the back of the bacterium, Dickson slammed two points, and the first game attacked 4 points.The Warriors of the Third Bureau also also had a single bureau 4 points to the Philadelphians, and pose the score; but the third bureau, the second half of Jin Jie is sent to the venue home, the sixth game, Dixerson’s two degrees, laying the foundation Winning.Red stockings 3-4 blue birdRed socks are still on the ball. Bates were kicked out in the first bureau, and then the blue bird’s Bagio and McQier were bombarded, the blue bird got a lead. At the end of the fifth game, JD-Martinez’s venue is playing and Benerty’s place of play, and the https://www.maillotspascherfr.com red socks have exceeded score. However, Trez helped the blue bird again and won the game again in the second half of the five games.Wineman 4-3 MarinfishAlthough the winemaker overcomes the opponent, but when the star Jelici is hit by a self-playing, the season is reimbursed, and the winemaker is shocked by https://www.mlbtrikot4.com the martyrdom. After the winemaker wins, the second small bear is still behind the two coupons. At present, the five consecutive wins are fighting, I hope that Yelic’s injury should not bring too much impact on the team.Snake 2-3 metropolisThe 3 points of the Metropolis were resembled by Fraser. He 2 of this game was 3 points. In the second half of the second bureau, a challenge successful second base is playing, so that you will win the two points. Subsequently, in the second half of the fourth https://www.mlbtrojerse.com place, it is the second base of Fraser, and sent back to Kano, helping the team 3-1 lead.Espobar, the tonic snake, is excellent, to win the first minute of the team, and in the eighth game, the spring will be chased to 1. Helpless other teammates did not fight contribution, and the snake was lost in the opponent.National https://www.fanbutikk.com 0-5 双城The national scene was sealed by the United States and Strong Team. Shuangcheng first sent Bellos 7 bureau to shoot only 2 security, sent 4 three vibrations. Guerrilla Polish and Catcher Gawa is the key to winning 1, and the two points, the double cities rely on a slamming attack in the seventh and eighth games, and defeated the nationals and continued to stabilize the name of the United States. Location, leading the second Indian 5.5 winners.Ray 5-3 CavalryThe visitors took https://www.mlbdrakterno.com 3 points and stayed in the fourth game, until the eighth game, Mesoz bombarded two-point gun, let the rays chasing the score, and then entered the extended competition.The extension of the finals, the tournament is also two consecutive passes, let the rays get ahead. Then He Radia’s security won the insurance, and finally https://www.fanstore2.com

the rays wins.

Royal 3-7 White Socks

White socks first sent a pitcher Nova to take the 10th wins down next season, 5.2 bureaus lost 3 points, which is a shortest short. The white socks left the left outer country, Humenes, bold guns in the first game, helping the team to get a good start. Mondaida also has three points to get 2 points.

Royal, although the home runs, Mondi, Gordon and Ohne have knocked out the Yangchun cannon, but the criminals are too much, eventually leading to the ball, and continue to rank the second place in the United States.

Rock 1-2 Lokki

The two teams have a low score in the snow mountain. Rocky took 2 points in the first game, and Arrea’s 38th project of the ARRAM played Rocky 2-0 lead. In the fourth place, Gord Schmidt took 1 point for the rickets. However, the two teams have https://www.maillotsenligne.com no construction trees in this game, and the score is fixed at 1-2. The victory of Rocky is delayed. The pace of the collar will continue to open the leading gap in the partition.

Pirate 4-5 giants

The giant first fell pitcher Quinto Benfen, and the first debut will contribute to the 5.0 game has no loss, and win the first victory next season. But the giant cow shed pitcher is almost a fire, throwing 4 points in the eighth game, and finally the thrilling.

The giant catcher Wart did 2 pivoting 4 points, one of them, is the hero of the team wins.

Indians 8-0 Angel

The United States and the United States outside the Jiaoafa card is fierce. At the same time as the sports opener will win, the Indians as the biggest competitor are also winning. This scene has a zero angel, and the Pleasi 9 bureau complete the angel line, and the audience was only played 4 security, and sent 5 three vibrations.

Indians Rayes and Rapoplo have completed 7 points, Rapo, and Lin Dol have stabbed home.

Red 3-4 sailor

In the second half of this game, the two teams were extremely intense, and the score was alternately leading. The fifth, sixth game, the sailor’s Lewis and Moire knocked out the Yangchun cannon, helping the sailor leading. In the seventh place, the red man’s Agrady slammed the first volume of the season, and the two cannons made the red man again, 3-2.

After the second half of the eighth game, after the Nora was on the line, Sigg also slammed the home run, and the two-point gun made the sailor to complete the reversal, and finally won the game.

Bear 8-9 priest

The two teams in this game also entered the extended competition. The bear first pitcher Quintagna only lost 3 games, 4 of them were self-responsive, and they did not lose weight. However, the third appearance of the goldenzel 0.1 group lost 2 points and gave the priest to lead.

Fortunately, on the eighth place tenacious pursuit, relying on Bryant and Hayward’s home run, attack 3 points chasing score. The second half of the tenth game of the prime session, Xisherk continued to pay 3 times, and the score was crowded in the case, and the bears were refined so good to pay, lost the game.