Observe – the United States finals fight the plot and throw the red socks to harvest 1, this is more enjoyable than victory.

Text / Front special reporter Xue Lei

Beijing time on October 17th morning in Houston Jujiu Source Stadium, Boston Red Sox 8-2 defeated the Space Spaceman, in the United Arab Federal Championship series of the 7-World https://www.mlbtrikot4.com War, the big score 2-1 accounts for the first opportunity.

A typical American-American Radial League playoff game, the trend of suspected hitting war as the beginning, but in the two predecessorless positive pairs of the atmosphere, the scene glue, the game, the game Continuously staged a wonderful beauty, finally with a shocking effect, complete a hammer sound, showing a lot of elements of baseball charm in this peak.

Joaldi is the biggest surprise in Boston

Although it has made a big score in 8-2 red stockings, it is a big scorpion in the 8th game. This Federation Champion Series is a scene of a scene of a scene, a tense atmosphere. In this pitcher war, the last session of the Red Sox was traded from Tampa Bay, Jovaldi, who had won the Saiyang Award, laughing At the end. In the second half of the five games, he was https://www.fanbutikk.com sent to the video in INS before the game, and the whole game was also extremely difficult, Blesman knocked out the flat, but it was the end of the game than Kaket. Let him wait until Teammaster Pierce hits the score of the Yangchun home base, thus becoming the victory pitcher of this game.

6 There are 4 times of Zhen Zhen, which is the transcript of NNA-Jonau-Waldi, which is the first week of Jiwaldi, which is a good investment in Jan Waldi. It is definitely the accident of the Boston. After the game, the gathered dress opened the door to accept reporters, Jovaldi wearing neatly after taking a shower, was surrounded by various reporters long guns, and it was a focus person. Maybe in the abandonment of the Bay, and twice Tang Rice-John ligand, when the body and mind were seriously frustrated, he never thought that he had to https://www.mlbboutique2.com be able to be a leading the United States a day.

“Do you think tonight is the best performance in the playoffs you can invest?” A reporter asked.

“You can say this, I feel good today, I can make a very sharp speed, I can rely on it to stand firm, and I also voted some good split, curball, and point tonight. I also grab some good spheres in the entry, and I am really good tonight. “

Today, Joaldi’s opponent, I have won the squad of the squad, Kelle, Kagl, in the uppermost space, Muqi-Bates and Ben Ningdi, JD Martinez A point of point to Bugatz contributed to Yau Waldi immediately got two leading advantages in hand, and helped him to resolve some of the abstinence. Jovaldi did not live up to teammates’ score support, continued the good momentum of the New York Yangji, and then three vibrated dangerous people Springer, https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com which opened the state, and opened a good head for the game. In the face of Otti, Jovaldi, the first goal of Jovaldi Province has been invested 101 miles per hour, so that the audience is awkward.

In the upper half of the three games, Campo Gao Yue did not receive Pierce hitting the homework to the home base, and also blew the horn of the spaceman’s full counterattack. Opening the road, Pioneer Springer, first knocked out a hit, the fans of the main team seemed to see the team’s hopes and even more than the score. At this time, the pressure came to Jovaldi’s body. He first slowed down the rhythm of the ball, and more careful carefully for each goal. The fanatic enthusiasm of the fans around me will not have too much impact on this foreign base, and even the calm of Toyo Waldi in the pitcher’s hills, and the early representative https://www.fanartikelsportde.com of the season is also sentenced to two people. .

As he received interviews before, “I feel that I have a bad alone, and I can attack my opponent as I expected, I know that my opponent’s strength is strong, but I am fearless. “

In this crisis half-bureau, Joaldi made Otti and Guril’s rolling earth, let Ma Wen-Gonzalece knock out the high-flying ball in the left, and got three outsourced numbers and defended the team. One point of weak leading advantages. Under the tone of the pitcher war, the semi-bureau successfully defeated, the winning of the midst of the red stockings, laid the psychological basis.

Blesman’s attack and defense

Before today’s war, Blesman posted this year’s regular season on his personal INS account. At that time, Joaldi, who was active in the ramier, encountered his opponent’s hit. Video clip. That game Jovaldi was knocked out of the three home hits by an opponent. It was beaten to be a gray face. This slightly provocative video will be deleted by the coach AJ Singgera, but still many good things. Forward, such a needle tip to the provocation of Mai Mang also adds a strong gunpowder to the direct dialogue on the two games.

In the next game, Joaldi hits the ball, and the high speed ball is porthing by Otti, knocking out three kinds of directions, the main team gains the first time, and then the home audience is the most The expected topic is concerned: Joaldi and Blesman are the first frontal confrontation tonight.

The gunpowder also passed the audience of the scene, the referee sentenced the Carteri, a kartball, a good ball, which triggered the dissatisfaction of the audience, the buzz of the sky, or the momentum of the home Blegeman, won the victory of the first round, his flat-fly ball broke through the inland guards, helping the Space team gain a good opportunity for the discharier score.

In the five games, Otti was selected to pay two bad balls, and the first base, the two out of the bureau, Jovaldi once again encountered Blesman, and this time, although the reddock team replaced each time the preparation looks Pinching a sweating Nounez, but the strong roll of the Blesman’s three-way direction, or through the three bases “Xiaopan” Dworth who replaced the scene, the ball rolled away along the side line. The corner of the field, the left outer wilder of the red stockings is just enough to run back to the home score. This ball has some 冤 冤 冤 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 处理 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己

In the second half of the eighth game, Blesman gave red socks defensive ability to drag the lack of the three strokes of the legs, personally got a lesson. Eighth Bureau, one person out, Boggz faces Otus knocking out, the space people have to face today’s bitter Pierce, facing this Pierce, Auson is particularly cautious. Three bad luck, Pierce swept the 95 miles of the four-miles of the four-miles of the Suson to the three-stroke direction, and the ball jumped highly through the three-line package, which greatly increased the difficulty of deepening the player https://www.maillotspascherfr.com to handle the ball. This game has repeatedly staged the three-way three-speed BRRGLMM, holding the ball steadily, quickly turning around to pass the second base, just in Bobagz, the powerful stone In an instant, the ball entered the gloves and out! Whether it is an attack or affected, Blesman, a burst of Blegeman today, is a number of dangerous people who have a headache.

Coach Schilla is still a hundred percent trust in Ousa

Before the game, Houston Spaceman Leo Shuai AJ Chesi once said that in this round of the United States, he asked his children to make a difference in the game, regardless of the difference between the two points as a difference. Playing, in today’s game, he did this.

In the middle of the 8 games, the red socks lead a leader, and Xinqi sent the team’s terminator, hoping to keep a difference in https://www.b2bshopp.com competition and turning the hope to the last moment. However, the performance of Otus lived up to the expectations of the coach. In the press conference after the game, Singge’s performance on Otus, used “incredible” to summarize. For this royal fan, I funerally funerally funerally hopes, and Chesi has not been too crowded, and it has also reiterated his trust in Otus because of this game. And shake.

“We want to win the game, so we sent the terminors in a worse competition to deal with their core line, but you never know what happened next.” After the game, he was in the press conference. The questioner’s question, so cous is like it. But then, the talents of the spaceman, “I did some strange things happened, Ausina got out of the number of outstanding defensive defensions in Blesh, and then the tent ball, just got a little https://www.mlbtrojerse.com bit Holt’s feet. Then in the case of the two good balls, Morade. Bradley came up, Ausun didn’t have any mistakes, so that the other party completed a fatal blow. ” How many cognochemators are worried about the decision of the coach’s touch ball to send Holt, although this penalty is to watch the playback of the game.

As a coach, cousi still got out of the crux of Otus today, “At any time, how to completely complete a december, it is critical, he does not do this like it is often the case. , Especially when you grab a good number of spheres, the execution is always likely to have problems. His crucial moment in the game misses the opportunity to end these dedication, so And paying the price. “

Despite euphemistial criticism, Singch still reiterated his trust in Otus, “I think Ousa has prepared it, his problem did not look https://www.maillotsenligne.com so serious.” In order to express himself The support of the love, Schchi even revealed to the reporters that he will be knocked out of the opponent after being knocked out of the martial arts.

“I told him on the hills. In the remaining competitions in the series, we still need him to create an important number of people for us. I need him after all the brains that happen today, the terminator sometimes has some shortcomings. The memory stays in the mind, especially him. But I still look forward to tomorrow’s game, if we can get a leader, he helps us to guard the victory of the game as the end. “