No dead 22 points reversal! Basketball loses 2 major sinners, Harden is lost in 15, Nashcheng Soft Rib

The NBA regular season continues to start, the Net network is home to fight the sun. This game is a typical strong dialogue. The Basket Network Recruitment League third, the Sun’s record is the second, and the 15 consecutive victories have been achieved, the team is like a rainbow The two sides of this game will be a focus of inspection power. After the opening, the Sun team built two-digit leader under Bak and Paul’s leadership, and the Net network was tough down in Durant’s leading, but Harden attacked downturn, Durant’s unwood is difficult, despite the last moment of tenacity Pursue points, but it is too late, and finally missed 22 points.

The first competition, Harden offensive desire is very low, single section only shot once, Durant is strictly defense, the basket attack is blocked, Bark is hot, the single-section 16 points lead the sun’s first section 34-20 Leading two digits. The second-day opening, the Paul rate team once pulled the difference to 20+, then the basket network strengthened the defense, Durant League counterattack once points 5 points, but before the end, Paul 5 points to help the sun lead two digits in 56-46.

Easy, fight again, the two sides are open in the offensive end, and the two people in the offensive ends have a successful score, but the defensive ends can not limit their opponents. In the leadership of Paul, they will bloom inside and outside the sun. Surprisingly blocked, the sun will pull the score to 79-61, the defense of the Net network is again killed by the opponent, and the sun 90-72 leads 18 points at the end of the three sections. At the end of the game, the sun once pulled the difference to 97-75 lead 22, but then Durant led the team to be stubborn, after 5 minutes left, the score was chased to 96-106 only 10 points. However, then the sun uses the inner offense and stabilize the situation. Mills returned to a 3 point of 3 points to catch up with 99-108, and Harden counterattack 2 points. At the same time, the Nets chased 101-108, but then they did not Can continue to seize the opportunity, eventually do not endure the opponent at 107-113.

All games, Bak cut 30 points 4 assists, Paul 22 points 8 rebounds 5 assists Eaton 10 points 6 rebounds, Bridges 13 points 6 rebounds 7 steals, McGi 10 points 10 rebounds. Basket network, Durant spells all the best to cut 37 points 9 rebounds 6 assists 4 steals 1 cover, but unfortunately, it is not possible to create a miracle, this Bry is a war, contribute 18 points 9 rebound 2 steals, Ade 18 points 6 The rebound, Harden 15, three points 3 in 0, free throw 4 in 4, get 12 points and 13 rebound 14 assists, barely reach 3 pairs. Others have score.

This lobby, the basket has two major sinners, the first is the head coach Nash, this game is facing the sun in the two ends of the sun, Nash does not have any effective tactics, can only rely on Durant’s Single and Ade’s CIC, in the case of another star hingden hand, Nash is out of date,
becoming a big flexible team of the team. Recalling that this season, the faced the poor record, it is enough to explain that they can upgrade to the east, more and more dependent on the stars, rather than the tactics of the coach. During the game, the scene lens has been given to Nash, and I saw him sitting on the stool and always smashing the lock, forming a stark contrast to the Montgeta.

The second sinner is Harden. In such a key game, he can play 10 in the first three, let the people fall in the glasses, even if he grabs 10 rebounds 13 assists, but only 4 points It is really no choice to send 6 mistakes. Although the fourth quarter has finally reached 3 pairs, but it is too late, as the team’s two stars, it is true, the Nets want to win the opponent like the sun, it is really an idiotic dream.

After losing this game, the Net This season has been continuously lost to the stagnant, hot, bull, warrior and the sun, the potential opponents, which also shows that although they are in the east, but not a real Strong team, can only be a pseudo-strength team, far from the level of championship.